Disneyland Area Hotel Review: Country Inn & Suites

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I recently took a trip to Disneyland to check out the opening of Pixar Pier. Since I was traveling kid-free, I figured this was the perfect time to check out some new hotels and review them for you guys. I actually switched hotels mid-trip so that I could cover two hotels for you! Today I am excited to share my review of the Country Inn & Suites near Disneyland. While I did not travel with my kids during this trip, I did make sure to make note of the family friendly rating of this hotel.

NOTE: This hotel has been purchased and is now a SunCoast by Hilton. I have yet to stay since the rebranding and new ownership, but the general info should be similar.

Photo credit: Country Inn & Suites

Note: My stay was NOT paid for by the hotel. However, I did contact the hotel staff to meet with them, receive a tour, and talk about the amenities they offer in order to write this review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion and are my own.

General Information: Country Inn & Suites

First, let’s start on the basic info on Country Inn & Suites, and then I will get into my thoughts on the hotel, and why I think it may or may not work for your family when visiting the Disneyland resort.

Hotel name on Get Away Today: Country Inn & Suites Anaheim

Year hotel opened: 2017

Distance to the Disneyland Resort: About a 1/2 mile, straight down Disney Way

Maximum Guests Per Room: Listed as 4, but they mentioned they may soon be able to accomodate more. Every room has plenty of space for a roll away- so I suggest calling the hotel and seeing if they can accomodate your family.

Included amenities worth noting: Free self-parking, free WiFi, FREE laundry (this is HUGE), free hot breakfast, every room has a fridge and microwave, Children’s movie theater room, free paper, free coffee and cookies in evening

Notice there are no coin slots on the washer or dryer! FREE laundry amenities.

Also worth noting: The hotel has a “Just Inn Case” market where you can grab a bite to eat, or a travel item you may have forgotten. I needed a new toothbrush as my travel one was in pretty bad shape and I didn’t realize it before heading on vacation. I got a pretty good one for $2, so about what I would pay at a retail store.

Another note-worthy amenity is that the ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) does service this hotel, for an additional cost.

Who this hotel is good for: Small families, couples and friends will enjoy this hotel. I was on a girls’ vacation and we enjoyed this hotel immensely, so much we debated cancelling the idea to switch hotels.

Who this hotel is NOT good for: Businesses wanting to host a conference. This hotel does not have meeting space on site. It is a great fit for those wanting to use the hotel for lodging and hosting a conference nearby.

What is nearby: A lot! During my hotel tour, it seemed every window we looked out, they were able to point out another attraction, shop, resturaunt that would be of interest to visitors. The hotel is kiddie corner from the Anaheim Garden Walk, 4 blocks from Disneyland Resort, near an indoor flea market, conference centers, stadiums and more. I strongly suggest you ask the hotel staff about all there is to do in the area.

Interactive information kiosk in the lobby helps you find nearby attractions.

Family Friendly Review Of The Country Inn & Suites Anaheim

So, now that I covered the basics and the technical part, let’s get into my real-person, parent of 3 crazy kids, review of this hotel.

Distance to Disneyland

The first thing I want to talk about is the distance of this hotel to Disneyland. It honestly is not too bad. My friend and I walked it, sometimes multiple times per day. I will say, the walk back, especially at the end of the day, always seemed MUCH farther than the walk there. It would probably take a family with small kids 10-15 minutes to walk to Disneyland. (Depending on how long you have to wait for the cross walk.) The lighting at night is a bit too dim for my comfort, so we turned on our flashlights.

Of course, the walk can be avoided with use of the ART or using an Uber or Lyft. I do not suggest driving to the Disneyland Resort, because the Toy Story Lot is actually further away from Disneyland then this hotel. In fact, as you are walking to the parks, you will see Disneyland busses going past you.

View of the parks

I think our favorite part of this hotel was that depending on the room you get, you can see the parks from your room. We even watched the fireworks from our room the first night, and you can watch them from the patio, hot tub, or pool super easy. I could see everything from Grizzly Peak to Pixar Pier, Space Mountain, and more.

The hotel pool is huge! You can see fireworks from this patio area, pool and hot tub

Family Friendly Review: The Rooms

I absoultely loved the rooms in this hotel. I have thought about them a lot since then, and there are a few things I would improve, but let me just tell you everything about them.

Being a new hotel the rooms are beautiful, clean, and very bright and spacious. The beds were super comfy. I loved that there was a big desk, lots of space (in all the rooms we visited) and the bathroom was gorgeous too.

The hotel is taking steps to be more “green” which I really appreciate. Your key card must be placed in a slot inside the room to enable lights. The large windows allow for lots of natural light, so the need for lights in the room is also minimalized.

Looking into the King Suite from the entry way

There were a few small things about the hotel room that I think could be improved on, but are not deal breakers for me. The fridge in the rooms is very small. There is no freezer area (that I remember) and we easily filled ours too full, so it started to freeze over, so we then had to empty our items into a cooler and use the ice.

I also wish the hotel had more seating. We only had a desk and an office chair. If you watch the live tour I did on facebook, there is plenty of room in the rooms for additional table and seating. It wasn’t something that bothered me with just my friend and I, but was definitely something I took note of when our second hotel had this seating and extra tables.

The King Suites do include a living area with additional seating and a table, so if this is important to you, I suggest booking those rooms.


Family Friendly Review of Hotel Amenities

So what did I love about this hotel? A LOT!

  • Breakfast – The breakfast area is nice and spacious. While we were at the hotel there were at least 3 volleyball teams (that we talked to members of) and we were down there eating breakfast at the same time as them. It did not feel packed. There was still ample seating, and the nice, large room for grabbing breakfast has 2 sides to serve yourself.
    Breakfast area. Photo credit Country Inn & Suites

    The breakfast was hot, and pretty good. I am super picky about my eggs, so I was not too fond of the scrambeled eggs, but everyone else seemed to be enjoying them.

  • Laundry – The free laundry (seriously…no coins needed) is a huge bonus. If you are traveling light to save on space, this is a big money saver. You will need laundry detergent, which you can bring or buy in the Just Inn Case market, but you won’t need to pay $4 just to do one load of laundry.
  • The view – even if you do not get a park view room, you can easily go to the end of the hall to catch a glimpse of the parks, and even take in some fireworks. Plus being able to watch from the patio and pool area (with ample seating) is awesome.
  • Clean & Comfy – The entire hotel is clean and comfy. One of the benefits of a newer hotel. Even though I am sure it being new plays into that, I also felt like the staff takes pride in making sure the hotel is clean and well kept.
  • The pool – The pool is a zero entry pool and is quite large, which is nice. There is plenty of room for guests to enjoy the pool without feeling crowded. The hot tub is nice as well. We did utilize the hot tub after a long day at the parks (after being stuck on Splash Mountain).

Friend-To-Friend Real Talk Review:

So basically, let me tell it to you like I was talking to a friend. I definitely LOVED the hotel and I personally will be staying here again, however, I am not someone who likes to use the ART (having to make a bus time, etc). I don’t mind the walk to and from this hotel, but my oldest son probably will and end up on his dad’s shoulders, or at least in the stroller while one of the twins is on his dad’s shoulders. Some people will find this walk too far, especially on the way back on the 3rd or 4th day.

If you don’t mind the walk, taking the ART or getting a Lyft or Uber, this hotel is definitely my favorite choice in the area. Once they add beds to some of the King Suite Rooms, I will be adding it to the list of Disneyland Area Hotels for Large Families with a big thumbs up!

2 Queen Room. Photo credit: Country Inn & Suites

Basically, there is a reason that this hotel was made a good neighbor hotel within months of being eligible. See hotels must be established (open) for at least a year, and meet other criteria, before they can become a good neighbor hotel, and this hotel became one only a few months after hitting that one year.

The hotel has a lot to offer (I didn’t even get to everything) and the rooms are nice, clean, comfortable, and spacious. Oh, and they are more than happy to work with City Stroller Rentals and Pixie-Magic to get your rentals and surprises all set up.

You can find a tour of our hotel room on my IGTV channel.

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