Free Road Trip Packing Checklist

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Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Blue Loop. Today we are sharing Disney packing printables to help you decide what to bring on your Disney trip.

Nothing is worse on a road trip then getting halfway to your destination and realizing your forgot something important. It has happened to me. That is why I am super excited to share a FREE Printable Road Trip Packing Checklist to make sure everything makes it into your car.

Road Trip Packing Checklist

A few years ago we were driving down to Disneyland with The Goof and Mike’s niece. We had our packing checklist all marked off, and everything was in the living room. Mike was loading the car as I was getting the kids all ready for an over night drive down to California.

Mike asked “Is this bag right here going?”

I look over at a bag that has some random items in it (I don’t remember exactly what) and said “Nope, that is staying here.”

It was when we got to Vegas for breakfast that I asked “Hey did you put the Chacos in the car?” (These are the ONLY shoes we wear in Disney- you can read about the best shoes (and not just chacos) for Disney trips HERE.)

Chaco 002

Mike “You told me not to.”

See, Mike had been pointing at a different bag then I had looked at. Both grocery sacks in the same vicinity in the living room, one that should have been packed and one that was staying at home (for the person who was watching our house). Mike had been pointing at the Chacos and I had been looking at the other bag.


We found the nearest REI in Vegas and went and purchased new Chacos for us and Keens for the Goof. (Thankfully, we each found pairs on sale for 60% off.)



It was then I realized that while my packing lists for what I needed to put in the suitcases were great, we also needed something to make sure everything made it into the car. This has become even more true with having two more kids (18 month old twins) to wrestle around when trying to get going. Now, I print out a checklist for things going into the car and post it on the front door. As things go across the front door, we check them off.

Today I am excited to share with you are car packing checklist. This is not a list for packing your suitcases. If you are looking for that, and other great travel printables, I suggest checking out our FREE Vacation planning printable.

Free Vacation Planner Printable
No, this printable is specifically to make sure everything makes it into your car before you hit the road.

Before we get to the free printable…there are a few rules guidelines you should know about our printables.

  1. Printables from this site are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! That means DO NOT try and sell them or use them as your own. Not cool!
  2. If you share our printables- AWESOME! Just make sure you are directing people to THIS blog post to get their own. (Kind of goes along with #1). This also means no saving the preview image and putting it on your blog. Don’t do it. Okay. (Unless I have given you permission.)
  3. Please do not remove the copyright at the bottom of the printable. Thanks.
  4. To print your packing checklist, first click on the link. Then click download. Choose “Open with Adobe” (instead of save). Now you can print. If you slip the download button step, the printable may not print correctly.
  5. Enjoy!

Car Packing List PreviewGet your free printable Road Trip Packing Checklist by CLICKING HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Free Road Trip Packing Checklist”

  1. Great idea. We usually fly down to Disney because I don’t have much vacation time, but once I’ve been in my job a couple more years I’d love to do a road trip with some stops along the way. You can bring so much more that way, but it also means more to potentially forget!

  2. It’s so easy to forget things, especially when you have excited kids to distract you! My husband was packing for a trip tonight and we were trying to mentally remember everything he would need…it was hard without a list!

  3. It only takes once, right? We planned a road trip to Sesame Place when the kids were very young (and my little one was deep in the throes of his autism neediness). As I wrestled with him (literally) my husband packed the car. It wasn’t until we checked into our hotel AT MIDNIGHT that we realized the bag with ALL of the kids’ clothing was evidently still in their bedroom. Ouch. Never again!! Thanks for creating a checklist for us. 😀


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