5 Free Must-Have Vacation Apps (That Aren’t Normally Free)

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Summer vacation has officially started in my city, and many other cities around the United States. WOOHOO! As summer starts, you might be heading out on vacation, or maybe you are just looking for something to keep your kids entertained during the long break. Either way, I bet that at some point during this summer, electronics are going to be involved.

Today I want to share with you some of the best vacation apps for all your summer vacation needs. Then, after that, I am going to tell you how you can get all of these apps FOR FREE! 100% Free!

5 Free Must-Have Vacation Apps That Aren't Normally Free

5 Vacation Apps You WILL Want

  1. PhotoSuite Pro 4 (by MobiSystems, Inc.) – This app is an amazing photo editing and enhancing app. It is basically like putting your computer editing software on your phone. It can do it all- special effects, layers, masking…. It is great for editing your vacation photos on your phone. You can even write on it with your finger or stylus so you could have your picture taken with a favorite character at your favorite theme park, and then have the character sign right on the photo.5 Apps for summer vacation
  2. Collage (by David Erosa) – This is a great tool to make collages of all your photos from one day and easily share them to any of your social media networks. Or you can even save them and order prints. Either way, it is a great app and has a lot more options then a lot of other collage apps out there.
  3. Camp Finder (by CampingRoadTrip.com) If you are a camper or a roadtripper who wants to stay in RV parks, this is a great app! You can search anywhere around you and find a list (or use the map view) of campgrounds and RV parks and their prices. It not only gives you addresses, websites and phone numbers, but reviews, lists of amenities and more.
    Apps you will want for your summer vacation
  4. FlightBoard (by Mobiata)- Flight board puts the Arrivals and Departure board from up to 16,000 airports right on your phone. It updates every five minutes to help keep you on top of delays, schedule changes and even gate changes.
  5. Sleepy Time (by CWS Software LLC)- Have you ever gotten stuck in a hotel with a large group of young adults or a high school group? We have. It isn’t too bad, until you are trying to sleep. Sleepy Time is awesome because it provides white noise which helps keep the noise from other hotel guests at bay. This app has 80 different sounds to choose from, and the best part, it is programmed to keep going even if your phone screen powers down. The only down side is this app does require an SD card in your phone. Not sure why, but it does. Thankfully Mike has an android phone that takes an SD card.

Shhhh- here is how you can get them for free!

In our home, we mostly use our phones for all of our electronic apps. We are loyal android users and I have something really cool I have found and want to share with you. Now careful, make sure there are no non-android users around because they might get a little jealous…

What if I told you how you can get apps that normally must be paid for, like the ones above, FOR FREE? Like really free! Well you can.  Seriously, PhotoSuite Pro 4 is normally $4.99 and I got it 100% Free- the full version. Not a lite version. The FULL paid version.

“HOW?” you ask. Amazon Underground. Have you heard of it? Seriously, this is an awesome little “secret” I am sharing with all of you.

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground app includes access to features and content not available in the regular Amazon shopping app in the Google Play Store. These additional features include Amazon Video PLUS 100% Free Apps and Games. What do I mean by 100% Free…well, you know how you can usually get a free version, but then you have to purchase a bunch of stuff in the app…well, not here. It is 100% FREE! Unlimited lives, levels, upgrades – everything is FREE!

So you are probably wanting to know how you can get Amazon Underground. It is super easy. You can download Amazon Underground on your android device by clicking HERE. If you are on a laptop you can GO HERE and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you install Amazon Underground, it will show up in your menu on your Amazon Shop app.

Summer Apps Amazon Underground

Once you are in the Underground Apps Store you can find all the amazing apps broken down into categories. (See picture below)

On top of the ones I mentioned above, I suggest getting the Office Suite Professional (a $14.99 value for FREE!) plus any of the Disney games- like Frozen Free Fall, Cars: Fast as Lightning, and more! Then you will have plenty of fun games to entertain the kids during your next road trip.

Amazon Underground App

Will you be downloading the Amazon Underground App? If so, what app are you most looking forward to?

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