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We just got back from a week at Disneyland. Can I just say that visiting Disneyland during the Holidays is even more magical (is that possible) than visiting during other times? Don’t get me wrong, it is all magical, but there is something extra magical about Disneyland at Christmas. From the lights, to the decorations, and especially to the holiday foods, there is just so much pixie dusted Holiday fun to go around.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Disneyland Resort, but I paid for my family to go to the parks, and we bought all of our churros.

When I read that Disneyland was offering TEN (yes 10) different Holiday churros I knew that my family would want to try all of them. We aren’t big foodies in our family (except my husband) but all of my kids LOVE churros. I think it basically went like this:

Disneyland Holiday Churro Challenge

And we did it. We tried all of the Holiday churros available at Disneyland at the time of our visit. We even made a great video about it that you can view on YouTube, but the video just gives a simple thumbs up or thumbs down (and on one occasion, a gag reaction). So let’s break down all the Holiday Churros and my family’s thoughts on them.

Disclaimer: I don’t eat churros. I know I am crazy. But my family loves them. So these are all their opinions, not mine.

Holiday Churros at Disneyland Resort – How Do They Rate?

There are 10 Holiday churros listed on the Disney Parks Blog website for Disneyland. We decided if we were going to do this, we were going to really do this. That means, if a churro had an optional dipping sauce, we purchased it (for $1). We tried all of the offerings over 3 days in the park, so that meant multiple churros each day. We definitely had some favorites, and some that we would pass on if we were to do it in the future.

Disneyland holiday churros with kids

I have gone back and forth on the way to break this down. By park, by name, in the same order as the Disney Parks Blog? In the end, I took it to my family and they said we should do it from least favorite to favorite. Which is a totally different order than we did in the YouTube video of our Disneyland Holiday Churro Challenge.

Countdown to the Best Tasting Holiday Churro At Disneyland

So let’s get to the nitty gritty rating of these Holiday churros.

10. Sour Apple Churro (with Caramel Dipping Sauce) – Near Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

This is easily our least favorite. One of our kids had a gag reaction to it, none of them were willing to take a second bite. My husband took one for the team and finished off the churro because he didn’t want to “let it go to waste.” Basically, this churro had a very strong flavor of sour apple that the caramel just could not balance out. This churro was also in the parks during Halloween and I heard several of the same thoughts from others.

9. Pumpkin Spice Churro (with Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce) – Cozy Cone & Near Hungry Bear

This one wasn’t bad, it was just lacking. The flavor was extremely mild according to my husband. We purchased ours from The Cozy Cone but it is also available at a churro cart in front of the Hungry Bear. It comes with Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce. My twins ate this just fine (my older son is not a pumpkin spice guy so he refused to try them). The lack of real flavor makes this our second least favorite.

8. Churro Bites with Eggnog Gelato and Caramel Drizzle – Hungry Bear

This one would probably rank higher if 75% of my taste testers were not under the age of 10. My kids didn’t even want to try the gelato with the churro bites, so to them, it was just churro bites with a little caramel drizzle on it. My husband said the eggnog gelato was interesting. Honestly, the line at Hungry Bear was always long, and it took 25-35 minutes to get through the line. I think that might have made them feel underwhelming.

Red and Green holiday churros at Disneyland

7. Red and Green Holiday Churros – Near Corn Dog Castle

These were not bad, but the thing is, they have no special flavor. They just use red and green sugar but are traditionally flavored churros. My kids ate them, they liked them, but if you are going to hype up a holiday churro, let’s give it a special flavor. The good thing about this offering though is they are the exact same price as the regular churros.

6. Gingersnap Churro (with Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce) – Cozy Cone

This one was just a bit low on the ranking because once again, the flavor was not super strong. All of my kids ate it and liked it just fine, but probably didn’t even notice a taste different from the regular churros much. I do like that you can grab both this and the Pumpkin Spice Churro (our #9 pick) at the same location. We made sure to get two separate cream cheese dipping sauces so that we didn’t mix them together.

5. Sugarplum Churro – New Orleans Square

As we get into the top 5, we are going to start getting into ones my family loved. The Sugarplum churro was actually a surprise. At first bite, my kids thought it tasted weird. This was the first one we tried so I am pretty sure they just didn’t realize the Holiday churros may have different flavors. My husband said it has a sweet, fruity taste. After the camera stopped rolling, they decided they liked it and gobbled it all up.

Sugarplum holiday churro at Disneyland
(Photo credit: Disneyland Resort)

4. Gingerbread Churro (with Marshmallow Dipping Sauce) – Sleeping Beauty Castle

I am surprised this one ranked so high, but my kids loved it. This churro smells and tastes just like Gingerbread. It can be purchased with an optional marshmallow dipping cream. The dipping cream is extremely gooey and sticky, so be prepared to clean up a mess afterwards.

As we get into the top 3 –

The top 3 choices were all very close, and if you asked my family on any given day, these might rank differently. If you are not up for doing the full challenge, I definitely suggest trying these 3 options as they were the biggest hits and even made me want to try them.

peppermint churro at Disneyland for the Holidays

3. The Peppermint Churro – Near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

This churro had a long line. First, the surrounding area just lends to the Christmas feel. You have Redwood Creek Challenge with pine trees right behind you (and where you can meet Santa). Then you have speakers right there playing Christmas music. It just feels like Christmas. Then you add on the churro which is just peppermint yumminess. This churro is covered in chocolate and vanilla icing and crushed candy canes. Yep, my kids loved this one.

2. Chocolate, Peppermint & Pretzel Churro – Frontierland

You can get this churro in front of the Mark Twain Riverboat loading area and it is delicious. In fact, my kids went back and forth between this being number one or not. This is a chocolate churro with chocolate drizzle and crushed candy canes and pretzel bits on it. It looks delicious, even to non-churro lovers.

And the best Holiday Churro At Disneyland Resort is…

Churro Sundae at Disneyland resort

1. Churro Sundae – The Golden Horseshoe

Okay, let’s just copy and paste over the description of this churro offering from the Disney Parks Blog: “Peppermint ice cream and a cajeta-filled churro garnished with chocolate brownie crumbles, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream”

It was delicious. My entire family loved it. And while I don’t eat churros, I enjoyed the brownie bits and some of the ice cream. It took me by surprise that the ice cream actually has crushed candy canes/peppermint pieces in it. It was delicious, but it definitely takes more than one person to finish this off.

One tip for this offering: Eat the churros first. My oldest learned a while ago with a churro milkshake at Del Taco, that you can’t let your churro sit in the ice cream or it gets soggy. So be sure to eat the churros up first.

So there you have it…all ten Holiday churros. If you happen to complete the Holiday churro challenge, contact me via social media and let me know your thoughts. I may even have a special prize for you.

If churros aren’t really your scene (like me) but you still want to try out some Holiday sweets, no worries. There are over 70 Holiday treats at Disneyland this year!!!!




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