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Items Banned at Disney Parks? (Truth vs Rumor)

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This post is by far the most popular post on my site. And it has remained mostly unchanged since I first wrote it back in 2015… until now! It hasn’t been since the selfie stick that Disney has released a ban on a popular item in the parks – until May 1, 2019. Keep reading to learn what has been added to the list and other updates.

When you go to Disney it is important to have everything you need in your bag. Whether it be snacks, your camera, sunscreen, or even a small first aid kit, it is great to be prepared. That said, one thing can throw your day in the parks off before you even get there. Trying to bring banned items into Disney.

10 Items Banned at Disney Parks


Disney has security check points before you enter the park, and while yes, they are looking for things that may be a security threat to the masses, there are also items banned at Disney that can get you stopped at the gate that seem perfectly harmless.

You don’t want to have to head back to your car or hotel and waste all that time, so be sure to check out this list and avoid bringing these items. Plus at the end, we have some items you probably heard are banned, but really aren’t.

Items Banned at Disney

Folding Chairs

It seems like a good idea right? Pack one of those folding camping chairs or stools and set up for the parade or the fireworks with them right? Especially with how small some of these newer ones fold down. Well, leave the camping chairs at home. They are not permitted in the parks. The only exceptions are cane-chairs and seat-walker mobility aids.10 Items Banned at Disney Parks

Wrapped Gifts

So maybe you are going to a birthday breakfast at the Plaza Inn, or you are meeting friends for a very merry unbirthday spin on the teacups but want to give them a gift. Wrapped gifts are not allowed in Disney parks.

Well, correction- gifts must be able to be unwrapped to be inspected at security, so a bag and tissue paper might be okay, but don’t wrap gifts in a big box and then put wrapping paper and a bow on it and expect to get through security.

If you are hosting a birthday party, it might be better to use the picnic area outside of the parks, or one of the many locations near Disneyland but not within security (restaurants, hotels, etc) to celebrate so your guests can bring gifts without worrying.

UPDATE: The picnic area is now within the secured area so gifts brought to this area would be subject to search.

Glass Containers

Don’t purchase a reusable glass water bottle and expect to bring it in the park. Stick with plastic or steel. That is right, glass containers are one of the items banned at Disney. It is easy to figure out why, broken glass is a huge hazard in the park, so it makes sense to ban glass containers of all sorts. But this is one rule there is an exception to- which we will talk about more below.10 Items Banned at Disney include a wagon

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Wagons, or anything you pull behind you

Don’t plan on bringing a wagon to the park with you in place of a stroller. Guests are not permitted to bring wagons, or anything else that they pull behind them in the parks.

This includes coolers, trailers (for ECVs), wagons, and even backpacks with wheels. Disney even mentions that guests may not pull any item behind them INCLUDING strollers.

If you planned on bringing a wagon, maybe to save space or because you don’t have a stroller anymore (but know your kids need something after walking all day) you can check out my friends at City Stroller Rentals.

They rent out top of the line strollers (and other baby gear) for close to the same price (or even better) then the Disney strollers- and they are SO MUCH NICER! In fact, we rent from them every trip now, just to save room in our vehicle.


Beginning May 1, 2019, a popular item in the park – stroller wagons, will be banned. Stroller wagons are a cross between a wagon (seating and canopy wise) and a stroller (because they are pushed, not pulled). A popular brand among Disney guests was the Keenz Stroller.

This ban comes (along with a few other new bans) shortly before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. While many think this has to do with the size of the wagon, I personally belive it has more to do with security.

Planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World. Traveling with Kids is hard to enough, you don't want to be turned away at security. Read this post to find out what is actually banned at Disney and what is just rumor. Good to know before <a href=packing for your Disneyland vacation. #DisneyVacation #FamilyTravel” width=”600″ height=”900″>

Because of the amount of attachments (coolers, can attach to the ends, people buy special liners with tons of pockets, etc) I imagine they take FOREVER to search.

I also think there has been an increase of people arguing to bring in pull wagons because they see the Keenz push style wagons in the park.

Disney bans Keenz strollers
These are no longer allowed in Disney parks as of May 1, 2019. Photo courtesy of City Stroller Rentals.


Almost anything with wheels (besides strollers, wheelchairs and ECVs) is banned. That includes, skateboards, hoverboards, segways, bikes, tricycles, scooters, inline skates, remote control cars, shoes with built-in wheels and more. And I know it doesn’t have wheels but add Pogo sticks to that list.


Thinking of taking your drone to get some amazing video or pictures. Don’t. Drones are banned at the Disney Parks. It is pretty easy to understand the many reasons why. Security for one.

Also, they don’t want guests getting backstage footage and killing the magic for other guests. I am sure there are many other reasons but those are two that seem obvious for me.

Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks

In July 2015 Disney parks joined the list of places that had banned selfie sticks. As someone who visited in June of 2015 I totally understand why. People would walk around with those sticks out in the air, not paying attention to anyone else. Not to mention ride safety.

Thinking you will get this one past security- you might, but cast members inside of the parks will confiscate selfie sticks if you try and use them (especially on rides).

Cremated Remains

It is great that your Aunt Jane loved Disneyland, but you can not bring her cremated remains into the park and spread them over the rivers of America or take them for one last spin on the teacups. Instead, think of other ways to honor a loved one in Disney.

I love the idea of buying a balloon from there and sending it off into the sky for them. Or maybe just go on their favorite ride and remember all the fun times you had with that person. Just please, do not bring in their remains.

UPDATE: Thank you to those who pointed out the dangers to wildlife, etc when letting go of balloons. Maybe purchasing a balloon and giving it to a random child in the park would be a great way to honor your loved one.

NEW!!!! Loose or Dry Ice!

Effective the day it was announced (March 28, 2019) Disney will no longer allow loose or dry ice in the parks. This is specific to in coolers.

Again, this is an attempt to improve flow through security. Security has to dig through the ice. Plus dumping of ice in the parks is a safety concern.

Disney suggests using reusable ice packs, which is my preference. However, most area hotels, including the Disney owned hotels, do not have freezer compartments in their mini-fridges.

Thankfully, Disney clarified in the comment section of their blog post that ice in resealable bags (like ziploc bags) is okay.


I once was just inside of security in the esplanade in between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure when two plain clothes security officers approached two mid-20s guests who had barely walked through security. Turns out they had alcohol on them.

I am not sure how security knew, but I know how quickly they were escorted outside of the park. (It was in the guys cargo shorts pockets by the way. I didn’t notice anything in his pockets, so it wasn’t super bulky.) Even the parks that allow alcohol, you CAN NOT bring your own alcohol in. So don’t try it.

Weapons or anything that looks like a gun (Including bubble guns)

This day in age, and with how many people are inside of Disney parks, security has to be extra careful. Disney does not allow weapons, or anything resembling weapons, inside of the parks. This is from the Disneyland website under forbidden items:

“Weapons of any kind or objects that appear to be weapons (toy guns, toy blasters, squirt guns, etc)”

So don’t try bringing in squirt guns for when you get hot. I have even heard of guests that had bubble guns confiscated.

NEW!!! Possibly Your Stroller

Yeah, so along with the stroller wagons and ice, Disney also announced new size requirements on strollers… smaller requirements.


Beginning May 1, 2019, all strollers must be 31 inches wide or less and 52 inches long or less. (The prior requirement was 36 inches wide or less). This should not be a problem for most single strollers but some double strollers, especially older ones, may not fit these requirements.

Again, I suggest renting a stroller from City Stroller Rentals. They have made sure all of their fleet are within the new requirements.

If you are still looking to bring your own and are wondering which stroller to purchase, there are a lot of great strollers for Disneystrollers for Disney that meet the requirements.

NEW!!! Smoking!

In an announcement that many feel is years to late, Disney has officially announced that beginning May 1, 2019, smoking will no longer be allowed in Disney Parks, or at the Downtown Disney District. There will be smoking areas outside of the secure areas (just hopefully not right outside where all guests have to walk past it.)

This also includes e-cigs and marijuana (even though it is legal in California).

Disney bans smoking in parks

RUMORS!!! These items are actually ALLOWED in Disney Parks

There is a whole slew of items that are not allowed in parks but often times we hear or think that certain things are forbidden but they actually are not, or there are exceptions to the rules. So, in contrast- you may think these are items banned at Disney but guess what- they aren’t!

Items Banned At Disney Do Not Include Tripods


Even though selfie sticks are banned from the parks, tripod and even monopods that can fold up to fit in an average size backpack are permitted in the parks. This is great news for photographer enthusiasts.

That said, please remember that if you are disrupting guests, you may be asked to relocate or stop using your tripod. Also be aware that Disney has guidelines regarding commercial and professional photography so be sure to read more about it HERE (towards the bottom of the page)

Food, Drinks, and Coolers

So many theme parks do not allow any outside food or drink in that many people just assume that Disney has the same ban,but this is actually untrue.You can bring food into Disneyland, but there are some tips you need to be aware of.

Disneyland has very few restrictions on food and drinks (mostly on the containers and about alcohol as we noted above) and very reasonable restrictions on coolers. Disney allows coolers that are around the size of 6-pack inside the parks (affiliate link).

I think of this as a cooler you might take to work or school for your lunch. Even with that restriction, you can bring larger coolers and keep them in lockers and picnic areas outside of the parks.

We have done both and actually find we like bringing a larger one and utilizing Disneyland’s picnic area. Disney does make exceptions for medical reasons but I strongly suggest emailing customer service before hand to discuss your personal situation.
Coolers are NOT banned at Disney if they are this size

Glass Baby Food Containers

We already noted that glass containers are banned, but if you need to bring in baby food, and it happens to be in a glass jar, you can bring it in. You may also bring in small vials of perfume (4 oz or less) and medicines that are in glass containers. If your medicines need to be refridgerated, you can take them to First Aid to do so.


Disney parks do not sell gum and because of this, many people have the idea that gum is banned in the parks. This is not true. Disney does not sell gum simply because of the mess it would make, they don’t want it readily available to guests.

You can however pack in your own gum if you want to have some on hand.

Did you know about all these items that are banned? Did you think something was banned that actually isn’t? You can get a full list of items banned at Disney parks by visiting the park’s website. You can check out the one for Disneyland by CLICKING HERE.

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51 thoughts on “Items Banned at Disney Parks? (Truth vs Rumor)”

  1. This is terrific information! I had no idea about some of this! Wrapped gifts- who would’ve thought. I did know about the wheeled items because when I walked there the wheel shoes were all the rage and we were constantly stopping guests with them. This post is a great resource-thank you!

  2. I had a run in with the glass. I bought a glass ornament in the German pavilion at Epcot and then we went over to Hollywood Studios. Security stopped me and would not let me bring it in. Ended up having to leave it at gift services. They are serious about the glass coming in.

  3. People are always surprised when I tell them they can bring in their own bottled water and food. Why wouldn’t you?! Who wants to pay $4 for some water? Not this girl! I need to save my money for dole whips!

  4. Please Please Please don’t intentionally buy and release a balloon, even if it is to honor a loved one. Once deflated the balloon can land virtually anywhere and can cause a problem for local wildlife, some can get caught or even strangled in the string, while others mistake the deflated balloon as food and choke while eating it, or it gets caught in their digestive system.

  5. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. What about on their cruises? We are going in October and my husband wants to bring his drone. I think is a bad idea, but…..

    • Hi Stephanie- I think you mis-read what I posted. (#5) Anything with wheels BESIDES strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs are banned. Also when I mention scooters it is in regards to the razor or motorized scooters you stand on, not the ECVs.

  6. It’s not a thing most people bring, but any sort of musical instrument. I had a student with a ukulele in his backpack. We weren’t actually headed into a park, but cutting through to get to downtown Disney, but security would not allow him though. We finally convinced them to escort him across, and that he would not be busking or interfering with the Disney ambiance with music of any sort. Not a normal packing item, but something to keep in mind.

  7. I think it is odd that they would confiscate a bubble gun, since they sell them there. We’ve purchased at least two of them and brought them back with us all week!

  8. Instead of ashes or balloons, buy a brick for a pathway as a memorial. I have seen them outside of Magic Kingdom and the walls of Epcot.

  9. What about people with diabetes and hypoglycemia that need to eat every two hours and have to carry special diet into the backpack???

    • Gladys- Food is not banned, neither are small coolers, only large coolers. Also, if you have insulin or other meds that need refrigerated you can take your medicine to the first aid stations to have them keep it in the fridge for you. For any other questions, please contact Disney customer relations

    • Hi Gladys- I am not sure why you are asking about water. It is not banned in the parks. As for alkaline water, I do not know if the Disney parks sell it. This blog is not ran by Disney- I just love the parks and sharing tips. You can contact Disney customer relations for more information.

  10. Hmmm. Great and interesting list! It also makes me feel kinda of like an outlaw. There may or may not be an infinitesimal (sp?) piece of my brother in law at a public place significant to him (different state).// This may be new-ish but I think there is something about straws — I know at Animal Kingdom I was given a paper straw in a restaurant — not sure if that is park wide / has to do with animal safety but it made an impression on me (because it took about four of them to get through a slushy drink because they kept collapsing!). Thx for sharing this info.

  11. Not that alot of people would be bringing this in, but my daughter thought it would be a cute souviner to have Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel sign a smallish cast iron frying pan. Well security didn’t think it was such a great idea (at D-land 2015). My daughter begged them as we had hauled it all the way from Oregon. Well after 30 mins and a in person meeting with the head of security they let her take it in with the promise that as soon as it was signed we would stop back by security to let them know we were talking it back to our room. Moral of the story leave your pots and pans at home. ?.

  12. We just returned from Disneynworld in Feb. I was shocked at how many folding wagons people had pulling behind them. I know why they should be banned…they do NOT pay attention to where they are pulling them! Wish
    Disney would keep this ban up! Not sure if rules changed or not.

  13. I see selfie sticks aren’t allowed but tripods and monopods are. So I wonder if cell phone stabilizers like the DJI OSMO Mobile 2 are or aren’t. They aren’t selfie sticks, they’re short and don’t extend out like a selfie stick with the exception of one called Smove. I’m thinking they aren’t allowed. Thoughts?

    • I actually think the new signs specifically say extendable selfie sticks, so those may be allowed? I will check when I am there again in a few weeks.

  14. Got back from DisneyWorld on Sunday. In a bid to do our bit for the environment my wife had made some fabric wraps to hold camping cutlery and silicon straws to use in the parks instead of the plastic ones at the quick services.

    The camping cutlery sets included an interlocking knife fork and spoon. We had no problems for 2 weeks of getting inspected then on the last day at Epcot one overzealous security confiscated the knives. The knives were like a thick butter knife, rounded blade end, serrated but not sharp. The idea being that you could apply pressure when cutting food and it wouldnt break during use! The only thing that was remotely dangerous was a notch for a bottle opener just behind the blade. I understand knives are banned with good reason, however it is completly plausible to take a knife from a table service restaurant – or break a plastic knife to a very sharp point! Would bamboo knives be acceptable? Would a spork with serrate edge??


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