Seattle To San Diego, A Highway 101 Road Trip

My family just went on an amazing adventure! For years, my husband and I have talked about taking a road trip down Highway 101 from Seattle to San Diego.

Heceta Head Beach on Highway 101 road trip from Seattle to San Diego
We took our “some day” vacation. A road trip from Seattle to San Diego along Highway 101.

This is one of those vacations you always talk about taking, but always say “some day it would be nice to do this” and never do it. Well, this year we took it.

We partnered with Allianz Travel Insurance to make sure our adventures were covered, and now, I get to share all about our adventures with you.

While this trip was sponsored in part by Allianz Travel Insurance, all opinions are 100% my own. We are also paying customers of Allianz Travel Insurance.

When planning a big road trip like this, there are a lot of things to consider. From figuring out the best stops and lodging to planning your driving route and budget, I will be sharing it all.

While we took 18 days to do this vacation, I really think it could be done in 10 days or less, with plenty of time to enjoy everything. Part of the reason our vacation was so long is because we did stay in the Disneyland area for a full week.

Disneyland during a Highway 101 road trip

Here are some of the places we stopped on our vacation:

Day 1-2 Seattle, Washington

Day 2-4 Newport, Oregon

Day 4-6 The Redwoods (Eureka, California)

Day 7-10 Santa Barbara, California (Rancho Oso)

Day 10- 17 Southern California Including:

Day 17-18 Traveling home to Idaho via Nevada and Utah

Along with staying at hotels, our family was hosted by Thousand Trails RV Parks at several locations. We did not take a camper, and it was quite the expierince staying at an RV Resort without a camper or tent.

While our trip took 18 days, looking back, another family could easily do it in 10. That means this trip is pretty feasible for many families.

Be sure to check out all the different posts from our trip above as well as the story highlights on my instagram account.