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Ultimate List Of Disneyland Picture Locations (Beyond The Castle)

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So you are heading to Disneyland and you can’t wait to fill up your Instagram feed with those pictures that just scream “I’m at the happiest place on earth!” to your family and friends that follow you. Or maybe you want some iconic pictures for your photo album or wall. The top of your list is Sleeping Beauty Castle but with it being the most instagramed location, maybe you would like some other picture ideas.

There are so many great Disneyland photo spots, you won’t want to limit yourself to just a shot in front of the castle. So I have gathered some of the best Disneyland picture ideas and spots for you. From Disneyland photopass locations to cute Disneyland pictures you take yourself (hello selfie!) check out our list of Disneyland photo spots you won’t want to miss.

Cute Disneyland Photo Locations While The Castle Is Being Refurbished

I took to both Disneyland with Kids Facebook group and my fellow Disneyland bloggers for some help coming up with the ultimate list of Disneyland photo ideas and tips to use. Check out this list before your vacation. (A big thank you to everyone who submitted Disneyland photos for this post!)

1. Across from Pixar Pier

After the castle, I think this is easily the most iconic Disneyland photo location. You can catch a Disneyland photopass photographer to grab this photo for you on the bridge leading into Pixar Pier, or you can head over to the World of Color viewing area for a different angle.

This is where I took my favorite picture ever of my boys in Spring 2017 (before it was Pixar Pier).

3 boys sitting at Disneyland photo spot in california adventure by mickey ferris wheel

2. The Teacups

Whether you are taking a photo on the actual Mad Tea Party ride, or you use the giant teacup outside the Mad Hatter shop in Fantasyland, the Teacups are one of the most instagramable Disneyland photo locations. Nothing quite says Disneyland like those teacups.

Disneyland photopass photographers are often available at the large teacup photo spot.

Bonus Tip: Disneyland’s Photopass service is included when you purchase Disney MaxPass.

Family in Teacups at Disneyland photo
Photo credit: Natalie Lehew, Disneyland with Kids member

3. Take a photo with Mickey Mouse

Nothing quite says Disneyland then snapping a photo with the main mouse himself, am I right? Be sure to snap a photo with Mickey Mouse while you are visiting Disneyland. You can find Mickey Mouse at multiple locations throughout the day, but he is almost always available at his house in Toontown.

Photo credit: Sarah Scott-Linebaugh, Disneyland with Kids moderator

The only downside to getting photos with Mickey Mouse at his house in Toontown is that Disneyland photopass photographers are no longer guaranteed to be located here. With low lighting, it is often hard to get a great photo with Mickey Mouse.

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You can also find Mickey out on Main Street and Buena Vista Street (in California Adventure) where he will often have a Disneyland Photopass photographer with him.

And don’t forget the all-important “Mickey selfie” when you meet the main mouse himself.

Disneyland photo selfie with Mickey

4. By Radiator Springs Racers

Cars Land is seriously somewhere you could take photos for days, but one of the best places to catch a Disneyland photo is by Radiator Springs Racers and to the side of Flo’s V8 Cafe. If you are patient you can get some of the cars racing in the background. This spot will often have a Disneyland photopass photographer available as well.

Disneyland photospot in Cars Land
Photo credit: Christina Louise, Disneyland with Kids member

5. Cars Land Sign

The sign at the entrance to Cars Land is another great photo spot at Disneyland Resort. Again, this location usually has Disneyland photopass photographers.

Disneyland photo spot Cars Land Sign
Photo submitted by: Sarah Kemp, All Things With Purpose

Sarah, from All Things With Purpose, gives this great Disneyland photo tip:

Keep an eye on when the lines are shorter for iconic picture spots! The line for a picture at Cars Land can be crazy and super hot in the direct sunlight. Go first thing in the morning or during a parade, etc. Watch for good sunlight. The Small World wall, for example, gets really bright in the middle of the day making it hard not to squint.”

Which brings us to our next location…

6. “it’s a small world” Instagram wall

Disneyland has been adding a lot of Instagramable walls lately, but nothing quite beats the original Disneyland Instagram wall (at least I think it was the original) near “it’s a small world” (when looking at the attraction it is to the left).

Small world instagram wall
Photo credit: Submitted by Patty Holliday, No Guilt Life, Photo taken by Tania Lamb, Lola Lambchops

7. The many Instagram walls in Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure has become the go-to-spot for instagramers. From Buzz Lightyear’s wings, to the UP inspired balloons and more, you can hit up 4 different walls, just in the Hollywoodland backlot (near the Monster’s Inc ride)



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Heck, even my husband got into the Instagram walls in our November 2018 visit.

8. Pixar Pier entrance

I have to say, the retheming of Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier made it a lot more photo friendly.  Some people feel it was “made for the Instagrammers” but I think it is great for anybody who wants those photo memories.

girl skipping into Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort Photopass location
Photo credit: Jana Seitzer, Whisky n Sunshine

Pixar Pier will also often have a photopass photographer available.

Bonus Tip: The cost of Disneyland photopass is often cheaper when you buy it via MaxPass rather than purchasing alone.

9. Disneyland windows and doors

So maybe Instagram Walls aren’t your thing. A great alternative is some of the doors and windows at Disneyland. These often pay homage to Disney legends, or sometimes just have a cute Disney phrase. Take the Disney Casting door for starters:

Disneyland photo spots doors
Photo credit: Sarah from Sarah in the Suburbs

Super cute right?

10. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Oh, so you thought we were just doing millennial, Instagrammer locations now? NOPE! This is another favorite location of mine. You can either take the photo on the stationary elephant, or my favorite, take it on the ride while in flight.

Kid and mom on Dumbo the flying elephant

I am kind of obsessed with pictures on this ride…


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11. Door to the White Rabbit’s house

This is another cute Disneyland picture spot located in Fantasyland. I once had someone comment on my blog that she took her kids’ pictures at this spot every year to watch how they grew. Such a cute idea!

This spot is located near the Mad Tea Party, on the back side of Mad Hatter shop.

Disneyland photo spot with kid at White Rabbit's door
Photo credit: Lyndsey Johannesen, Disneyland with Kids member

12. The main entrance to Disneyland “Flower Mickey”

Just as you enter the gates to Disneyland, you will find an iconic photo location. The flower Mickey at the main entrance is an iconic photo location that often has a Disneyland photopass photographer available.

Disneyland photopass location Flower Mickey
Photo credit: Sunshine Bunch, Disneyland with Kids member

13. Pulling the Sword from the Stone

My husband’s favorite classic Disney movie is Sword in the Stone, so we always have to try and pull the sword. Just be sure to get the angle with King Arthur’s Carousel behind it as the backside of the castle is also covered in art work at the moment.

Disneyland photo spot Sword in stone
Photo Credit: Lyndsey Johannesen, Disneyland with Kids member

And yes, this is another location that often has a Disneyland photopass photographer.

14. King Arthur’s Carousel

Sure you can find a carousel in almost every city, but none are quite like Disneyland’s. First, you can usually get Fantasyland in the background, but second, all of the horses are white. Every. Single. One. Bonus points if you get to ride Jingles.

Disneyland photo locations carousel
Photo credit: Julie Bigboy, Mom Rewritten and Disneyland with Kids co-founder

15. Mickey’s Toontown Cars

There are so many great spots in Mickey’s Toontown for Disneyland photos, but I think the cars in Toontown are some of the most iconic locations.

Disneyland photo locations toontown firetruck
Throwback to The Goof’s 3rd trip at almost 2 years old. How can you not take a picture at the Toontown Fire Department?

16. In front of the Millennium Falcon

With the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, you can now get a picture in front of the Millennium Falcon. My Disneyland with Kids co-owners and I were lucky enough to snap a photo opening day with then Disneyland Resort President Josh D’Amaro (now president of Walt Disney World).

And then when I finally took my kids in September, I was able to take a picture of one of my kiddos in front of it. (Sadly the others refused.)

17. Ride Photos

Anytime you can capture ride photos it is a great Disneyland photo. While only a handful of Disneyland rides capture photos, sometimes it is ones you can capture of your family on the photos that are the best shots. Here is one I love to take of my kids: Gadget’s Go Coaster. It is the first roller coaster my kids ride, and I love to capture their expressions:

Disneyland photo locations rides
The Goof’s first time on Gadget’s Go Coaster. He looks terrified but he wanted to ride it again.

18. Walking with a character

This is not one you can just make happen, which is part of what makes this shot so magical. If your child is lucky enough to walk with a character, you better be Instagramming that moment.

Disneyland photo toddler walking with Belle
Photo credit: Jessica Jacobs, Disneyland with Kids moderator

I mean really, is there a cuter Disneyland picture? Extra cuteness points when your kid is dressed like the character they walk with.

19. With any character

Alright, so to be honest, while your kid walking with a character may win the cuteness contest, any photo with a Disneyland character will suffice.

You can’t get always score a Disneyland photopass photographer with characters, but if they have one, definitely take advantage of it.

 Did you know?: Any Disneyland Cast Member is happy to snap a photo with your phone or camera for you, even if you don’t have Disneyland’s Photopass.

Toddler with Peter Pan in a Disneyland photo

20. With Disney Balloons

Maybe it is your child holding one Mickey balloon or getting a Cast Member to help them take a photo holding a bunch of Disneyland balloons, but getting that shot on Main Street, near “it’s a small world” or on Buena Vista street is the perfect Disneyland photo.

Child with Disneyland balloons in photo

21. Take a Disneyland Photo with Mickey Shaped Food

Mickey shaped food is definitely a big part of the Disneyland experience, so getting a photo with a Mickey shaped pretzel or eating a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar (my personal favorite) is a great way to get a Disneyland feel to your photo, even if the background doesn’t scream that you are at Disneyland.

child eating Mickey Ice Cream bar in Disneyland photo

22. On the Silly Symphony Swings

There is something great about getting a photo on the Silly Symphony Swings. To achieve this photo, sit in the inside seats with your photo subject to the left (middle to outside) of you and get this photo while in flight. This is a great shot to get at sunset and bonus points if you capture Mickey’s face from the Pixar Pal A Round in the background.

Note: I have totally not done this photo yet because I don’t do the swings… I know! And while none of my blogger buddies or Disneyland with Kids members submitted this photo, I can totally see it in my head. I know I have seen it somewhere. If you have one to submit, send it my way!

Silly symphone swings at Disneyland California Adventure

23. On a Disneyland Vehicle

Maybe it is the Disneyland trolley, the Disneyland Railroad, the tram from the Mickey and Friends parking structure, or the monorail, but grabbing a photo on or near a Disneyland vehicle just says “Disneyland.” This is especially true if you can catch the excitement on your kids’ faces.

woman on Disneyland trolley
I don’t know if my friend Terrie realized when she posed for this photo it would eventually make it on the blog. Love ya’ Terrie!

24. Any photo with Mickey or Minnie Ears

Almost any photo in Disneyland can scream “I am at Disneyland” as long as it has Mickey or Minnie ears in it. Even those who see your photo who know nothing about Disneyland will know you are at the happiest place on earth when they see those mouse ears on your head.

Kid wearing Mickey Mouse ears excited
My friend Michaelyn shot this photo of my son, other than a few balloons and crowds, the reason this photo says “Disneyland” is because of his Mickey ears.




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So go beyond the castle! Hit up some of these photo locations (and the many, many others in the parks) and make some memories.

Be sure to check out my Disneyland photo tips for taking amazing photos even if you are not a professional photographer.

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