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5 Things Disney Won’t Tell You (About Your Vacation)

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Disney has been keeping a secret from us. Several actually. There are 5 things Disney won’t tell you about your Disney vacation. Well, I guess there are way more than 5 things they won’t tell you….I mean, they have to keep the magic alive right? But there are things that I really, honestly think Disney should disclose, and they don’t. So, here I am, spilling the beans.

1) You are going to end up singing songs from the rides for the next three weeks. Disney won’t tell you that you are going to have The Tiki Room, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and It’s A Small World stuck in your head for weeks after your visit. If you end up like me, you will not only sing the songs, but you will have an entire playlist of ride music on your mp3 player/phone. If you want to beat Disney to the punch, download songs ahead of time and sing them while on the rides.

I can’t stop singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

2) You will forget how to flush a public toilet. Disney has to have auto-flush toilets. I understand why, with that many people. But what they don’t tell you is that after 3-5 days in their parks, you will forget that you need to flush some public bathroom toilets manually. Not even kidding. Several times after returning from a trip I have found myself starting to walk out of a bathroom, just assuming it will auto flush. Thankfully I have always caught myself so I have never been “that guy” (or girl) but yeah.

3) Certain smells will now remind you of Disney. I can’t go to our local mini golf course without thinking of Disney. They have some “cavern mills” that smell just like Splash Mountain. Popcorn,  vanilla, even diesel engines now can bring back Disney memories. (Bonus points if you can tell me why each of those smells brings back a memory of Disneyland.)


Disney won't tell you4) You will start telling people to have a magical day. This may cause a lot of funny looks. People in every day life usually do not understand why you are suddenly talking about magic, pixie dust, and more. I did one time have a clerk at the grocery store tell me to have a magical day, and they were so excited when we caught the Disney reference. Normally though, I am the one wishing people a magical day and I sure do get some strange looks for it.

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5) All other vacations will be ruined. Seriously, once you do a family vacation at Disney, it is hard to imagine going anywhere non-Disney related on vacation. Especially for those that already love Disney. Mike and I were just talking about taking a year off of Disney (blasphemy I know, but it is for some good reasons). We decided we would only be able to do it if we just didn’t go on vacations.
(UPDATE: If you haven’t heard, since this post originally ran, we have not taken time off of Disney- UNTIL NOW! We are skipping Disneyland this year, and we explain why HERE. Also, knowing ahead of time that we were taking time off from Disney has actually made it so we could get excited for another vacation we have coming up. Don’t get me wrong, we are still missing Disneyland, but we actually are excited for our summer vacation this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you.)

This post was originally published on 8-3-2013 as Love Our Disney. . Is there anything that has changed on this list? Anything that we should add that is new in the last 3 years that Disney needs to be disclosing and they are not? Leave a comment down below letting us know.

Disney is keeping some secrets. We have 5 things Disney won't tell you about your vacation


5 thoughts on “5 Things Disney Won’t Tell You (About Your Vacation)”

  1. I haven’t been to Disneyland in years, but I do recall having that Tiki Room song stuck in my head for DAYS afterwards! lol!
    I’m hoping by next year we can take our kids there for the first time. We don’t get to go on many big vacations, but when I do I’ll be sure to check out your Disney on a Dime tip list!

  2. Disney must tell their cruise guests that if they don’t book onboard because they think they will never take another cruise again, they are sorely mistaken. Once you take one Disney Cruise you will take another…and another…and another…

  3. I love going to Disney. I’ve only been to Disney World, and not Disneyland yet. But We can’t go to Disney this year because we need to catch up on Disney Vacation Club points.(We borrowed points from another year so we could go on a Disney Cruise back in 2014) and I am sooooo upset! I feel like something is missing in my life now. But on the bright side, my dad said that we’re going to get annual passes for next year! So I can go to Disney any time we’re around! 😀


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