10 Things To Do In Idaho With Your Family

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As a blogger who focuses a lot on travel, I am always writing about things to do in other places. I realized the other day, I never share what there is to do here,what things to do in Idaho. How often is that true for all of us. We often don’t go do the things that tourists do in our own area. Back in 2014 we had to cancel a trip to Disneyland (because I was pregnant with twins and having some complications) so to help ease the last minute cancellation for the Goof, we booked a local hotel room and we played tourist in our own town. It was kind of fun, and I highly suggest everyone do it.

Today I am going to share with you 10 things you can do in the great state of Idaho on your next vacation here.

  • You can visit a theme park. That is right, Idaho has their very own theme park- Silverwood. It is located in northern Idaho, about 10 minutes away from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and 40 minutes from Spokane, Washington. The park has thrill rides, kid friendly rides, and even a water park. You can spend an entire day in the park for $48 per adult and $25 for children ages 3-7. It may not be Disneyland, but it is a great price and you could easily spend a full day (or two) in the park. They do offer discounts for Police, Fire, and Military as well.
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  • You can go rafting. If you are the outdoorsy, thrill seeking type, Idaho has some amazing white water rafting. You can hire a guide and go on a day trip, or even a multi-day trip. One of the most popular places to go rafting is Hell’s Canyon. You can find out more info HERE.
  • You can go skiing- water or snow. Skiing is a popular sport in Idaho, and you can do it both in the summer and winter. Snow skiing is a favorite in Idaho with ski resorts through out the state. Water skiing is also quite popular, you just need to know someone with a boat.
  • You can Zip Line By The Snake River. Yep, we love our outdoors. You can Zip Line by the Snake River, near Twin Falls, ID. While there, head over and visit Shoshone Falls. Zip the Snake is open year round, but it is probably best in the warmer months.
  • You can enjoy some outdoor theater. If you haven’t noticed yet, Idahoans love the outdoors, so we even enjoy some outdoor theater. Boise offers the Idaho Shakespeare Festival during the summer. If they don’t have anything that suits your tastes (it isn’t just Shakespeare), you can also head up to the Garden Valley, Idaho area and check out the Starlight Mountain Theater.
    Things to do in Idaho
  • You can explore science and animals. Head down to Zoo Boise and also check out the Discovery Center of Idaho. Located within walking distance of each other, you can spend an entire day doing fun things with the kids that are also educational. While neither of these attractions are huge, they are definitely worth a visit.
  • You can camp, hike or hunt to your heart’s content. You noticed we do a lot of stuff outdoors. Idaho definitely has plenty of camping and hiking as well as plenty of hunting available to those who enjoy it. If your idea of camping is a nice cabin on a lake, Idaho has plenty of those too. Some of the popular destinations include McCall, ID or Stanley Lake. You can also head to Eastern Idaho and check out Island Park and then you are not too far away from Yellowstone.
    Snow Sculpture McCall Winter Carnival
  • You can see some awesome snow sculptures. If you are in Idaho during the first of the year (usually the end of January – beginning of February), you might want to check out the McCall Winter Carnival. There are a lot of fun activities and a lot of things to see. Heads up though- it can be quite crowded on the weekends.
  • You can watch some sports. No, Idaho does not have a team in the NBA or NFL, but we are home to some small league teams and we love to have fun watching our hockey team, baseball team, and of course, our Boise State Broncos!
  • You can celebrate cherries. The Emmett Cherry Festival is held in mid-June and is fun for the entire family. Concerts, games, carnivals and more make this a fun event for the entire family.
  • And so much more– Depending on the location and time of your visit you can find some of the best corn mazes in the country, fun farms to visit, seasonal events, and more. Some of our favorites include Craters of the Moon, City of Rocks, the Sawtooth Mountains, the Sand Dunes, visiting historic Idaho City, and more!

I hope maybe something on the list peaked your interestest. Maybe your next vacation will be to Idaho. Did you learn anything new about my state that you can experience? What are some things people can do in your state/area? (Remember to tell us the state)

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  1. I LOVED the Shakespeare festival there. That theater is amazing!! I remember sitting on the lawn as the sunset was the actual back drop. Stunning!!


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