Gorgeous National Parks to Visit This Fall – Add These To Your Bucket List

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Does anyone else feel like 2018 has absolutely flown by? I know I certainly do and that means fall is approaching us rather quickly. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to travel because the temperatures are beginning to drop to a nice crisp fall air but we haven’t quite reached the freezing temperatures of winter. Plus, my husband and I like to travel for our anniversary in the fall. Today I am sharing the best national parks to visit in the fall.
best national parks for fall

Best National Parks to Visit In The Fall

I don’t know about your family, but I know mine loves to spend time outdoors enjoying the weather and nature around us. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of the best National Parks to visit in the fall. So pack your jackets, hiking boots, and camera and head out to one of these amazing locations.

1. Cuyahoga Falls National Park

Cuyahoga Falls is located in Northern Ohio and it is absolutely breathtaking during the fall Season. The foliage and warm autumn colors bring a wonderful feel of fall to your trip. It is located near the Cuyahoga Valley river and there is so much beautiful history there. I would definitely recommend taking the Towpath trail to see the history of the Ohio & Erie Canal. You can choose to either walk this route for some extra exercise or take a ride if you want a bit of a quicker trip.
Brandywin Falls in Cuyhahoga National Park

2. Smoky Mountains National Park

Smoky Mountain National Park is located in Gatlinburg, TN and is one of my favorite places to visit in the United States no matter what season it is, but especially during the fall season. Gatlinburg gives off a warm, family-friendly feel and that is partially why I love it so much. I would definitely recommend going through one of the many many trails that the Smoky Mountain National Park has to offer and enjoying the beautiful fall scenery of the trees and mountains. The Smokies are known for their bear sightings so don’t be surprised if you see one from afar, remember to stay safe and keep your distance.
Smoky Mountains State Park
Photo credit: Pixabay

3. Acadia National Park

This one is located in Maine and is absolutely breathtaking in the autumn season. If you are looking for a challenge that provides you with a beautiful reward of amazing scenery, I would recommend checking out the Jordan Pond Path hiking trail, but keep in mind it is 3.3 miles so it may be a bit of a lengthy one. You can also take a trolley tour of the whole park and learn all about its history, you will have a guide that will narrate everything for you.

4. Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in Colorado, the Rockies have a whole new look during the fall season. The leaves changing to the beautiful warm colors of fall makes the park that much more absolutely beautiful. It is well known that wildlife also becomes a lot more prevalent and beautiful during the fall. You can see anything from Elk, Moose, Sheep and even Black Bears! Of course, remember to stay safe and keep your distance from wild animals.
Rocky Mountain National Parks in fall

5. Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is located in Virginia and it is absolutely magnificent views in fall. If you love scenic drives, this is the one for you. There is a 105-mile long drive trail that takes you through the Park to see all of the tremendous scenery.  Virginia is an absolutely beautiful state and if you have never been, I would highly recommend it.
These are just a few of my personal favorite National Parks to visit in the fall. There are 58 National Parks in the United States so I’m sure they are all beautiful in the fall season but these are just the ones that I have found to be truly amazing and worth the trip. One of my goals in life is to see all 58 National Parks, this is just a starting point to a beautiful bucket list in this crazy adventure called life.

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  1. I love that you’ve shared east coast (and RMNP) for fall. I just wrote about my favorite west coast NPs for fall colors too. Fall in National Parks is one of my favorite times!!!!


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