Danger Word: Christmas Edition – Free Printable Game

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Have you seen Ellen’s Game of Games? If you have I am guessing you are probably obsessed with it like my family is. Seriously, we LOVE that show. And one of our favorite Ellen DeGeneres Games is Danger Word. So when I was coming up with new games for this year’s Christmas Parties I knew I wanted to include Danger Word: Christmas Edition. I wanted to share the love and have a free printable version so you can play this game at your Holiday Parties too.

What is the game Danger Word?

The game Danger Word is basically a game where two teams are trying to guess a winning word, but there is also a danger word, and if you guess that word, you automatically lose the round.

Seems simple right? Because it is … at least in theory. Getting people to say the winning word and avoid the danger word may actually be quite tricky. The concept is easy, the execution… maybe not.

Either way, it is a fun game. Ellen usually has two teams, each with two members, a clue giver, and a guesser.

When a team loses, the guesser gets blasted with food from a canon. Seriously, if you have not seen Ellen’s Game of Games, check it out on Hulu.

Because I have created this game for holiday parties, I have instructions for large groups below.

How To Play Danger Word: Christmas Edition with Free Printable

To play Danger Word: Christmas Edition, start by printing out the word sets (free below) and cutting them into strips, folding them, and putting them in a bowl.

At the party, split into two teams.

Game Play:

For each round, each team will send up one person to be their team’s “Clue Giver.” The rest of the team will be guessers.

The Clue Givers will use the same set of words for each round, drawn from the bowl.

Team 1’s Clue Giver will give a 1-word clue to try and get their team to guess the winning word, but hoping they do not say the danger word.

Team 1 will then get to give one guess as to what the word is. (Please note that one winning word is technically 2 words, alert the teams to this before any of the rounds begin, but not during the round that has this word.)

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If Team 1 guesses the winning word, that is one round won for them. If they do not guess correctly, but avoid the danger word, then Team 2 takes a turn. Play will rotate between the two teams until one team wins the round.

Winning the round: To win the round, a team must guess the winning word, OR they win if the opposing team says the danger word.

Winning the game: A team wins the game by being the first team to win three rounds.

Optional: While I don’t suggest blasting food items at the losing team members for each round, you could come up with some funny “punishments” for the losing Clue Giver of each round, like maybe having to sing Jingle Bells while doing the chicken dance…

Free Printable Danger Word: Christmas Edition Word Sets

Before you print your Danger Word word sets, just a reminder that these are for personal use only. If you want to share these with someone, please send them to this site to get the printable for themselves.

Click to download your free printable Danger Word: Christmas Edition game set

Download your free printable word sets (2 pages for 14-word set totals).

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