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Disneyland Sip and Savor Passes – Complete Guide

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Disneyland Resort’s California Adventure Park has become the “food festival” park at the west coast Disney Resort. From Lunar New Year, to Food and Wine Festival, and Festival of Holidays… the food festivals are a big hit among Disneyland guests, and so is the Sip and Savor Pass.

If you are heading to Disneyland Resort during one of the food festivals at California Adventure, you will definitely see guests with Sip and Savor Passes. Today, we are breaking down everything about Sip and Savor, and if it is worth purchasing.

Sip and Savor Passes at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort has three food festivals every year, that are held inside of California Adventure Park. These three festivals are:

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Disneyland has released its calendar for celebrations and seasons.

During these food festivals, kiosks are set up throughout Paradise Garden Park where guests may purchase sample-sized dishes. The dishes range in price, starting at approximately $6.50 and going up. You can purchase these items with cash, card, or by utilizing a Sip and Savor Pass.

What Are Sip and Savor Passes at Disney California Adventure?

Sip and Savor Passes are a way to prepay (and possibly save money) on your food festival purchases.

For a set price you get a card with 6 or 8 food tabs (depending on the festival) that may be redeemed for food items at the festival kiosks, and for select food items at participating restaurants.

The tabs may not be redeemed for alcoholic beverages.

Food at Disneyland Lunar New Year Celebration purchased wtih Sip and Savor Passes
Picture of Lunar New Year Food options that may be purchased with Sip and Savor tabs – Note the used Sip and Savor Pass in the upper left of this spread.

What Comes with My Sip And Savor Pass at Disney California Adventure?

When you purchase a Sip and Savor Pass at Disney California Adventure, it will include the pass with the redemption tabs, a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, and a list of booths and food offerings.

Festival of Holidays Sip and Savor Pass at Disneyland California Adventure with food list

Do I have to Buy a Sip and Savor Pass at Disneyland’s California Adventure?

No, you do not have to buy a Sip and Savor Pass to enjoy the food festivals at Disney California Adventure. You are welcome to pay with cash, card, or Disney gift cards.

Sip and Savor Passes are, however, a great option to pre-pay for items.

Festival of Holidays sip and savor pass from Disneyland Resort

Where To Buy a Sip and Savor Pass at California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort

You can purchase a Sip and Savor pass at Disney California Adventure. The most popular location is at the kiosk near Carthay Circle as you walk towards Avengers Campus and Cars Land.

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Sip and Savor Passes are also available to purchase at other locations throughout California Adventure. My personal favorite location is to purchase them at Rushin’ River Outfitters near Grizzly River Run.

What do Sip and Savor Passes Cost at Disney California Adventure?

The price of the Sip and Savor passes for each food festival vary, but are generally around $60/pass.

Magic Keyholders can receive a $5 discount on Sip and Savor Passes, and will also get a special Magic Key lanyard.

How to Use A Sip and Savor Pass at California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort


Sip and Savor Passes are used as your form of payment. Each tab is good for one item (exluding alcoholic beverages) at the kiosks and for Festival Foods offered at select restaurants.

DO NOT REMOVE YOUR TABS until the Cast Member at the register asks you to do so, or during payment. If tabs are not attached to the Sip and Savor Pass they are null and void.

Lunar New Year Sip and Savor Pass at Disneyland California Adventure

Is the Sip and Savor Pass a good Deal for the Disneyland Food Festivals?

If you are debating on purchasing the Sip and Savor Pass for one of the food festivals, you may be wondering if it is a good deal. The answer… it can be.

If you want to use the Sip and Savor Pass at California Adventure to save money, simply divide the number of tabs by the price you paid for the pass. The resulting number will give you the value of each tab.

As you order foods, you can choose to only use Sip and Savor tabs to pay for items that cost more than the value of each tab.

Here is the biggest reason the Sip and Savor Pass is worth it at Disney California Adventure


It is very convenient to be able to have your food items prepaid for.

It is also a great option to be able to allow teens, etc to be able to go off on their own and get food without needing to have cash or a card available to them.

We definitely enjoy the convenience of the Sip and Savor Pass and when my family goes to Disneyland during a food festival we always pick one up.

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