10 Products For Disneyland Vacations You Will Want

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Heading to Disneyland? During your packing you may be wondering if you really need all the things on your list, or maybe if you are missing something. Today I am sharing 10 products you will definitely want to purchase and take to Disneyland on your next vacation.

Things to buy to take to Disneyland

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly looking for items that are perfect for my Disney Vacations. Some things I have learned are the numerous uses for ziploc bags, how to pack my entire medicine cabinet in minimal space, and more. I still find myself browsing for new products to use on my next vacation. Today I wanted to share with you 10 products for Disney Vacations that I have found and love.

Products for Disney

You will want these items when you go to Disneyland

1) Reusable Water Bottle Water bottles have come so far! I strongly suggest a vacuum sealed water bottle because they will keep your drinks cool for you at the park. Be sure to find one with an opening that is wide enough to fit ice cubes in as well. I have the Laken Water Bottle below and LOVE IT! Seriously my favorite one ever. Be sure to take it to the park and when it runs low, simply refill it using the free ice waters you can get at the park.


2) Go Travel Personal Fan  This is one products for Disney that you will love. I have tried a lot of personal fans. They are life savers when you are in line at Disney. This fan is by far the best one I have ever come across. We found them at our luggage and travel store in our local mall, but they are amazing. When not in use, the blades go down into the fan so they don’t get bent or broken. The blades, unlike many travel fans, are hard plastic and I find they work a ton better. This fan is a bit on the spendy side at around $10-$15 but it is completely worth it. You can find it on Amazon HERE or try your local travel store or the luggage department in major retailers.

A Jackery and 9 other items to buy before Disney

3) Jackery Phone Charger I love, love, LOVE my jackery charger. There are several different sizes, but the one linked is the one I have. It has enough juice to charge both our cell phones 1-2 times each. I don’t just love these for Disney, but I love them for an emergency kit. The charger holds its charge for up to 6 months, so you can have it charged and ready to go in case of an emergency that leaves you without power. It can charge any device that can be attached to a USB port to charge. Oh, and it has a flashlight on it. Of course, for bigger devices you will want a bigger Jackery. They also have the iPhone charger/phone cover duos.

4) Travel Size Laundry Detergent  Travel sized products for Disney vacations are awesome. But especially laundry detergent. Things happen, clothes get dirty, or maybe you had to pack light. No matter what, this is always a great thing to take with you on vacation. Many major brands make travel or trial size packets that you can find near other travel size items. A liquid detergent works well and you can either use it in the on site washers or even add a little to a sink or tub to wash something by hand.

Awesome products to get before your next vacation

5) Zoom Lenses for your Smart Phone So, as a blogger, I am part of some amazing groups. One of them is devoted to smart phone videos and photography. They introduced me to an amazing product for Disney vacations that will change my photo and video game at the parks.

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These lenses can attach to your smart phone either by a clip, or like some of the ones from this brand, by the thread of your lens. Before I learned about these, I took three cameras to the park. My phone, my point and shoot, and my DSLR. Now, I can eliminate the point and shoot. For some this would be enough to not have to even take a DSLR.

6) Disposable Table Toppers When you have kids, they often like to put their food down on the table. This grosses me out when you are somewhere like Disney where who knows what has been on the table. I have seen people change dirty diapers on the tables. I love being able to put these down, and they stick so they won’t blow away. After you are finished, it is easy to peel up and wrap up the trash in it to carry to the garbage can.

7) Travel Razor This one is recommended by Disney Daddy. It sucks forgetting to bring your razor on vacation, but worse is leaving your good razor at the hotel when you come home. This razor is a good way to avoid that. The razor has a good close shave and runs on batteries.

This duffle and 9 other products that are perfect for Disney vacations

8) Foldable Travel Duffel Bag Nothing is worse than worrying about if you have enough room for all of your souvenirs. These bags are great because they are super durable but fold flat to sit in your suitcase when not in use. They way less than a pound so if you don’t need them, they don’t limit your other items, but you have them for back up if you find some awesome souvenirs that won’t fit in your bag. Also, these help avoid paying for an empty suitcase to fly on the way to the parks. You only have to pay if you end up using it to pack stuff in.

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9) Liquid Bandage I used to be really big on Mole Skin for the parks for blisters, etc. Then I discovered Liquid Bandage. This stuff is amazing. You can use it to cover hot spots on your feet (Pre-Blister), Blisters, Hang Nails or minor cuts. Best thing, it is clear, flexible, and it won’t come off on water rides or start shifting/rubbing off as you walk. I seriously LOVE this product.

10) Water Gear By this I mean everything from ponchos (especially for Walt Disney World) to a water proof/resistant bag to put your stuff in. Even if it is not going to rain, you want bags to put your electronics in for water rides. When I went in August, I brought a gallon size ziploc bag and had it folded in my purse. When I did a water ride, I simply unfolded it and was able to put my entire purse in. If you will have a backpack, make sure it is either water proof or your electronics on the inside are protected.

Do you have any products for Disney that have changed your vacations? Something that is not on the normal packing list? Were any of these products something you will be taking on your next trip?

9 thoughts on “10 Products For Disneyland Vacations You Will Want”

  1. I’m grossed out by kids putting their food on a table, too, but for different reasons, I suspect. Letting your kid behave inappropriately by putting their food directly on a publicly used eating surface is rude, period. Teach the kid some manners and waste less–disposable toppers are complete waste of resources.

    • I guess I am confused, you don’t want them eating on the table but don’t want the disposable toppers used? Most of the tables are outside, so napkins fly away too easy to put their food on (kids aren’t that great at understanding they have to keep them weighted down) so these are great for our family. It is great if you have something else that works for you though!

    • These are great suggestions! I actually have one of the items on the list…travel laundry detergent! I think the disposable table toppers sound like a good thing to have for any vacation or trip to a restaurant for that matter. Would keep the table a bit cleaner for the next person. Love these ideas!

  2. About 2 years ago, I invested in a Camelbak pack for our Disney Vacations. It has been well worth the money. We fill it with ice and water at the hotel before we head out. Plus, it has a filter on it.

  3. Tip: Before you leave your room, write your contact information on your child(ren’s) arms, and cover it with the liquid bandage (so it doesn’t wash off) just in case your child get’s lost in the park, you can be contacted. Also, take pictures of your child in the outfit they are wearing so when someone asks for a recent picture or a description of what they were wearing, you’ll have an answer to both without racking your (already panicked) brain.

    • I did this one both times were took our vacation to Disney World. It is invaluable. I never lost her (she never lost herself!) but it is great!

  4. We have invested in backpacks with water bladders and we love them. We have a few camelbak and also a couple from Walmart. They hold everything we need, they are no trouble on the rides and both kids and parents are happy with them!

  5. Great ideas! Obviously 1 person who responded does not have children. Three other items to pack: desitin or other rash preventing item – older boys that love water rides will appreciate this, waterless shampoo and waterless body wash/laundry soap. They can all be found in the camping section of Walmart and are environmentally friendly. Invaluable when someone spills their drink or beverage on your hair or clothing. Especially good for those other “accidents”. No rinsing necessary!


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