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SunCoast Park Hotel Near Disneyland

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If you are looking for a cute, boutique, unique hotel near Disneyland, with great features and clean rooms, then you will want to consider the SunCoast Park Hotel, part of the Hilton Tapestry Collection.

A hotel within walking distance of the parks, but far enough away to relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy other Anaheim offerings, this hotel has some surprising perks and hidden gems for the casual traveler as well as the seasoned nomad.

SunCoast Park Hotel – A New Hotel, With A Newer Update

The SunCoast Park is a newer hotel. Originally opened in mid-2016 as a Country Inn and Suites, I had the privilege of staying here in June 2018 for the opening of Pixar Pier.

I raved about the hotel then and was surprised that it was being remodeled shortly after my stay, as it was so new. Until I learned it had been purchased by Hilton and would become part of their Tapestry Collection.

view of the SunCoast Park Hotel from the pool area. Photo taken from edge of the large, zero entry infinity pool. Palm trees and blue skies.
SunCoast Park Hotel pool and building

How do you update a new hotel to make it feel brand new… again?

I really couldn’t picture how they could improve this hotel. It was brand new, had gorgeous rooms, great amenities, and awesome perks.

So when I stepped foot in this hotel in April 2021, during my visit for Disneyland’s Reopening, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But let me tell you, they took a great hotel and made it amazing!

*My stay was provided free of charge as part of my participation in Get Away Today‘s Anaheim Come Back Tour. All opinions are 100% my own.

SunCoast Park Hotel – A Moderate Hotel, With Deluxe Touches

The SunCoast Park hotel near Disneyland is part of Hilton’s Tapestry Collection. The Tapestry Collection hotels theme their properties to the surrounding areas. Now, you probably are thinking that means this is going to be an over-the-top, Disney-themed property, but you would be wrong. While there are some fun Disney touches in their Kids/Teens Room, the hotel has adopted a fun, kitsch beach theme.

Welcome to the SunCoast Park Hotel – Lobby and Check-In

As soon as you walk into the hotel you are greeted with Instagram-worthy decor, from surfboards with backlighting on the wall, to the cool, beautiful lobby decor with a double-sided fireplace.

SunCoast Park Hotel near Disneyland Lobby

You will have access to luggage carts just inside the door, a big plus for large families or those who do not travel light.

Off from the lobby is a large dining area with a hotel lounge/bar (to reopen soon as restrictions lift) and glass doors that slide open to flawlessly expand to the patio, which hosts a cute VW bus, with surfboard loaded, ready for adventure – or a cute Instagram shot. Every seat, at the lounge’s tables is equipped with a power outlet so you can work or charge devices.

Just past the patio is the gated infinity, zero entry pool. Gorgeous and a perfect location for a viewing party of Disneyland fireworks when they return.

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A breakfast room is ready to serve a hot breakfast (free when you book through Get Away Today) as soon as California restrictions allow.

Guest Ammenities In The Lobby

In the lobby, guests will find a small marketplace with snacks, Disney themed gifts and bags, and essentials.

I found the marketplace lacking only two things –

  1. Pepsi products – As a Mountain Dew drinker, I love when I can get Pepsi products at my hotel, since they are not sold in the parks.
  2. Tylenol (or a generic) – In browsing the over the counter options in the market, I noticed a lack of Tylenol. While they had motrin and advil, I have family members that cannot have NSAIDS, so the lack of Tylenol was a small disappointment to me.

Also in the lobby, you will find a touch screen “concierge.” Not sure if this is the correct name, but that is what I called it. You could easily look up activities, dining, and more – including maps with directions and hotel staff picks.

SunCoast Park Hotel Rooms

This is where I noticed the biggest change in the hotel.

First, as you head to your room, you may notice that each elevator landing/lobby is themed to a different beach. As you go up in floors, the beaches are ones that are located farther from the hotel.

For instance, the first floor is Huntington Beach, but floor 5 (top floor) is San Clemente beach.

Each elevator landing has a giant mural of those beaches (gorgeous photos) and other beach touches such as surf boards.

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Room Types Available at SunCoast Park Hotel

There are a few room types available at the SunCoast Park Hotel. I was lucky enough to be able to tour or stay in each one.

Two Queen Beds

The first, and most common room type is the 2 queen standard suite. This room enters to a bathroom on one side, closet, bench, and mirror on the other. Slightly past this area is a cupboard that contains a mini fridge and microwave.

After this, the room opens up to the bed area where you find your 2 queen beds, dresser/entertainment center, and attached desk and chair. This is a super cute, chic work space.

At this point, premium rooms, will also have a large open space, big enough to fit a roll in.

I wish they had included a comfy chair, sofa, or table and two dining chairs here. I found the lack of seating options a miss in the larger premium rooms. Though the standard rooms did not have a feeling of something missing. My premium room on the 5th floor also had a great view of the parks, and at night is a great place to view fireworks.

Insider Tip For SunCoast Park Hotel: Not wanting to view fireworks from the pool/patio, but your room doesn’t have a park view? Head to the top floor(s) and walk to the end of the hall where a giant window gives you a great view of the fireworks when they are running.

King Suite

The next room type is a King Suite. King Suites open to a small living area with a pull-out sofa, chair, coffee table, desk, and entertainment center. As you walk down the hall you will find your bathroom before entering the bed area, with a comfortable king bed and another television.

This room type also seems to have enough room for a roll-in/cot to be added.

During my tour of the hotel rooms, the manager noted that their roll-ins are good twin size, able to sleep a tall teenager.

ADA Accessible Rooms

Finally, we have ADA Accessible Rooms. The one I toured was a king with pull-out sofa. It was extremely spacious so you would have no problem utilizing a wheelchair or bringing an ECV to this room.

What You Will Love About The rooms at SunCoast Park Hotel

I loved the new theming of these rooms. In fact, I was able to get some cute photos right in my room, including my new headshot. I may be a little biased since the colors are close to matching my logo colors, but I still loved it.

Besides the beautiful decor, the rooms are also energy effecient. A keycard must be inserted into a slot to utilize many of the lights, and as I learned after 30 minutes of “why is my TV not working…” the television.

The climate is easily controlled via a digital thermostat. The A/C and Heater are able to work efficiently, which made me feel like I could not run them when I was away, knowing they would work quickly when I changed the temperature upon my return.

But what about recycling? One thing I noticed was missing, and I would love to see added, is that unlike some hotels in the area, they do not have a recycling bin in the room for cans, etc. I would have loved to see that added to make this hotel more green.

While the rooms are energy efficient, they still had plenty of outlets. Between two outlets and additional USB ports on the night stand, to the outlets at the desk space, and a few extras in the walls, there are plenty of outlets to charge all of your devices.

Finally, I love that each hotel room includes a mini fridge and microwave – a must for my family.

Let’s talk about the loo

Okay, time for some potty talk. The bathrooms at the SunCoast Park Hotel are nothing to write home about, but they are bright, clean, and have fun coast art in them.

They have a shower tub combo (except the ADA rooms) which I now call a shub, because I accidentally said that in a room tour over the week. This is perfect for those who have children that do not shower yet.

The toiletries are nice and did not bother my sensitive skin. I kind of love that the soap had a large A on it, as it gave me a slight Avengers vibe.

The towels were a good size. As a curvy gal, many times I find hotel towels are a bit small, but I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the towels in the bathroom.

Finally, the most important part… the toilet paper was great quality. I love when hotels care that much about their guests that they give them soft, durable toilet paper.

Other Amenities at SunCoast Park Worth Noting

There are no shortage of amenities at the SunCoast Park Hotel near Disneyland. Here are a few that you may want to know about.

Extended Pool Hours

The pools hours may often be extended. During my stay they were open from 6 am to midnight.

The pool is gorgeous, and as I mentioned above, a great location to view the fireworks.

Also, who couldn’t use a soak in the hot tub after a long day at the parks?

Great Gym

The hotel has a great gym area. But no surprise… I didn’t spend any time there. (As I am sure that is obvious.) I mean, just in case Disneyland is not enough of a workout for you.

Free Laundry

This is my absolute favorite amenity. While no, they will not do your laundry for you, the hotel has free laundry machines. No coins or cards needed. Just make sure to remember your room key as you will need it to access the laundry room and to access the elevator from this floor as it is the same floor as the parking garage.

ART Shuttle Service

The ART (Anaheim Resort Transit) services this hotel.

What Is Nearby the SunCoast Park Hotel

Other than the obvious… Disneyland (about 1/4 mile away – a 10-15 minute walk) there is no shortage of entertainment and fun around SunCoast Park hotel.

Kiddie Corner from the hotel is the Anaheim Garden Walk, a shopping, dining and entertainment center.

A little further down the street is The Pizza Press.

Of course, Disneyland’s Downtown Disney is also a great place to go and hang out, and has dining, shopping and bowling available.

Who Will Enjoy This Hotel

Not every hotel is for every traveler. So who is the SunCoast Park Hotel near Disneyland good for?

Budget minded Travelers who still want luxury

If you want a hotel that feels luxury, but has a moderate rate, this is a great option for you. The free breakfast, in-room fridge and microwave, and walkability to Disneyland Resort offer great money-saving options.

Those who love a cute resort

Okay, I will say it… this hotel is an Instagramer or Photographer’s dream. From the VW Bus, to the cute walls and decor, this hotel has a lot of great photo spots. And while that may not be what everyone is looking for in a hotel, it is fun to have these options available.

Those Who Want To Walk, But Don’t Want Harbor Blvd Prices

If you want the option to walk to Disneyland, and can handle a 10-15 minute walk, you might enjoy this hotel. It is newer than most Harbor Blvd Hotels, and has a much better price point for many families.

A Girls Trip

This hotel is perfect for a fun girls trip. The decor totally had me thinking about when I can come back with my friends for a fun getaway.

Hilton Honors Members

If you are a Hilton Honors Member, then you will love that you still get all of your perks and earn points by staying at this hotel.

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