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Disneyland Vacation Review: The Anaheim Hotel

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If you are booking a Disneyland vacation, you are probably looking for a hotel that is family friendly, close to the park, and still has some great amenities without breaking the budget. Most likely your search has brought up The Anaheim Hotel. I am super excited to share my family friendly review with you today to help decide if this is the hotel for you and your family.

*I received a complimentary or reduced rate stay in order to be able to review this hotel. All opinions are 100% my own and my honest opinions.*

Photo courtesy The Anaheim Hotel

I headed to Disneyland a few weeks ago to enjoy Mickey’s Halloween Party with my oldest son, The Goof, and a friend. Normally my family drives in and we do other activities as well, so we tend to stay a bit further away. This time however, The Goof and I flew in, and we only planned on doing Disneyland, so we decided it would be best to stay nearby and be able to simply walk to the parks.

I had wanted to check out The Anaheim Hotel for a while because I knew they had remodeled and had new management since we last visited (clear back in 2014). When they offered to let me come explore the hotel I was super excited.

The Anaheim Hotel – Remodeled

I loved the remodel of The Anaheim Hotel. The hotel was definitely clean, and the remodel brought it up to date, and gave it a very contemporary feel. The outside of the buildings are a little dated, because of the architecture, but they have been painted and are clean.

Our room was super clean, and the remodel was great. The bathrooms were still a little dated and a bit small, but again, when you are upgrading a hotel that is in such an established area, sometimes you can’t change things (like bathroom size).

Anaheim Hotel Review
Photo courtesy The Anaheim Hotel

The Anaheim Hotel – What Could They Improve

Okay, I want to end with all the amazing positives (because there are a lot of them) but I always tell you my honest opinion, including what I would change. Truth is, not much.


I would simply want to see a microwave added to the room. Since many families like to bring in their own food, or have leftovers from The Pizza Press they might want to heat up, this would be a great addition.

A Small Update Needed

I would like to see a small update to the bathroom in the tiles. I think that is why the bathrooms felt like they hadn’t been updated. The tiles seemed a bit old.

That is all I would change. Not much right? So why did I love it? Hold on because I am about to throw a whole lot of reasons to stay here at you.

The Anaheim Hotel Review- What I Loved

So there is a lot to love about The Anaheim Hotel, but I am going to give you my top favorites.


One of my favorite parts of The Anaheim Hotel is the proximity to the parks. You are about a half block and across the street from security on Harbor. This is perfect for if you want to be able to head back to the hotel for a midday break, avoiding lines for shuttles at night, and so much more.

We did find one downside to the proximity the first night. We tried to be responsible and go to bed early for  a full day of fun at the park the next day…only to be woken up from the fireworks at 10:30 that night (during the first Halloween Party).

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Anaheim Hotel Review
Olympic size swimming pool…yes, please!

Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Ever been to a hotel pool that feel crowded with only 2 families in it? Well, that won’t happen here. The Anaheim Hotel has an olympic-size swimmin pool. And it is 11 feet deep on one end!!! Super aweomse, but parents just be aware of that deep end.

There is also a hot tub which is nice for adults. One thing that was nice is the amount of seating around the pool. There were plenty of chairs and tables.

During Happy Hour at The Front Room, someone also came out and asked if we wanted to order any drinks. We didn’t, but it is nice to know that they have pool side service.

The Pizza Press

I already mentioned there is a bar area (called The Front Room) for those that are interested, but I think my favorite part is The Anaheim Hotel has The Pizza Press attached to the lobby. This is a great place to build a custom pizza and grab a bite to eat after a day at the parks, or even just the night you arrive at the hotel (which is what we did).

Instagram Worthy

Okay, so really, I am not one to be taking selfies, etc, but the rooms with balconies and patios have totally instagram worthy, bright and colorful walls. Perfect for snapping a selfie or picture of your Disney outfit before you get all hot and sweaty at the parks.

Anaheim Hotel Review- Instagram worthy walls
Instagram worthy walls… sadly I am not a selfie queen.

Rooms for Larger Families

You have probably heard my tales of woe from when we added the twins to our family, and suddenly, finding a hotel room that would fit our family seemed nearly impossible. The Anaheim Hotel has rooms that can fit larger families, kids bunk suits, and more. Be sure to check out all the options avaialble to fit your family’s needs.

And so much more…

There was so much to love about The Anaheim Hotel that I can’t put it all in this review, but let’s try. The customer service was top notch. Arriving early or departing later, they have a luggage hold. The onsite gift shop is great and had my kids’ favorite souvenirs. They are budget friendly.

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