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Parents’ Guide To Strollers at Disneyland: Renting & Beyond

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This guide to Disneyland Strollers has tips for taking strollers to Disneyland and more. If you are heading to Disneyland with kids, you may have questions about strollers. Do you need one? Are they allowed in line? Where do you park them when you aren’t using them? What about renting a stroller at Disneyland?

I have been doing strollers at Disneyland for more than ten years and kind of consider myself a bit of an expert on the matter. I have used single strollers, double strollers, and more. So let me answer all of your questions about strollers at Disneyland.

Decides whether Disneyland Stroller Rental or bringing your own is the best option for your time in the park!
My twins in a stroller on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure

Everything to Know About Strollers at Disneyland:

My guess is you have at least one stroller question before your Disneyland vacation. Maybe it is about the best strollers for Disney, or maybe about where you put strollers while on a ride… or even if your child needs a stroller.

Planning to visit Disneyland in 2024?

Disneyland has released its calendar for celebrations and seasons.

Will my child need a stroller at Disneyland?

Many people (myself included) tend to ditch the strollers for the most part around the time their kids are three years old. When we ventured out as a family, and my husband was there, the stroller stayed home. In zoos, parks, and even nature trails, we stopped using strollers around age three.

But we definitely still used a stroller at Disneyland until my twins were 7. In fact, I suggest parents with young children, up to the age of five or even beyond, consider using a stroller at Disneyland.

While we are now where we no longer need strollers in theme parks, sometimes we wish we had one when we go to the parks from open to close.


You walk miles and miles at Disneyland. And our kids tend to take nearly twice as many steps as us. By about 3/4 of the way through the day, their little legs are exhausted. You can always park the stroller while in a specific land and then go back to get it before going to the next land.

Should you take a stroller to DIsneyland? It is a lot of steps
This is my son’s pedometer (set for children) on his GizmoGadget after spending 5 hours in the park.

Plus, I am not going to lie… It is kind of nice to have the stroller to put all the stuff in. You know what I mean. That backpack full of snacks. The bags of extra clothing for your kiddos. Even water bottles.

But basically, yes, a stroller at Disneyland is a good idea.

Renting a Stroller at Disneyland: Everything To Know

Maybe you no longer own a stroller, or maybe you don’t want to pack yours along or check it for the plane. I get it.

For the first three years of going to Disneyland with our oldest, we packed our stroller in the car, or gate-checked it when flying to Disneyland.

It was a hassle. It either took up all the trunk space or worse, got damaged under the plane (true story). Then we gave away the stroller. So then what?

We decided to start renting a stroller for Disneyland vacations. It saved us from having to bring a stroller, or buy one for an older child who did not need it.  In this instance, it was well worth the added expense.

Before you run out and buy a stroller, or reserve a rental, just hold on a minute! There are some super important things you need to know about Disneyland Stroller Rentals.

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Disneyland Stroller Rentals – Renting from Disney

There are several options for Disneyland stroller rentals. The first option is to rent from Disneyland Guest Services. While this may seem convenient, there are a few disadvantages to renting from Disneyland.

  • Disneyland’s on-site stroller rentals are expensive. Stroller rentals from Disneyland are $18/day for a single stroller rental or $36/day for a double stroller rental.
  • Disneyland strollers have a weight limit of 60 pounds for the singles and 100 pounds for the doubles.
  • Disneyland uses hard plastic strollers. The pro to the new stroller is the weight limit is 60 pounds, and they are easy to wipe down. The cons are they do not recline, have awful storage, and are uncomfortable for kids
  • Disneyland strollers may not leave the secured area. This area includes the two parks and Downtown Disney. So if you need to go back to a hotel (even a Disneyland Resort Hotel) you can not take the stroller.

The one thing that people do like about the Disney-owned stroller rentals is that they have Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on the sides. I personally do not find this added Disney Touch enough to steer me to use their rentals over my preferred vendor.

Disneyland Stroller Rentals Location

If you choose to rent your stroller from Disney, the stroller rentals are located near the Harbor Blvd security entrance.

When looking at the Disneyland Park gates, the stroller rentals are located to the far right’s Guest Services, along with the wheelchair and ECV rentals.

Renting Strollers at Disneyland From Outside Vendors

The second option for Disneyland stroller rentals is to rent from an outside company. While there are many companies that you can rent from, I use and love City Stroller Rentals. They are who I recommend renting from for several reasons.

Disneyland Stroller Rental from City Stroller Rental is a great option for double stroller needs for those who have twins or two younger children like our family.
Disneyland Stroller rental company City Stroller Rentals puts name tags on their stroller rentals.
  • City Stroller Rental monitors its equipment for damage, recalls, etc. I have seen equipment from other companies with bent frames, torn-up seats, and worse.
  • City Stroller Rental will deliver and pick up your stroller rental from your hotel.
    • At many hotels they deliver the stroller to the bellhop and it will be waiting when you check-in, and then you simply return it to the same location before you check out.
    • Other hotels (including the 3 Disney properties) require vendors to meet you in person. City Stroller Rentals has been very proactive in communication when I have stayed at these hotels.
  • City Stroller Rental cleans and disinfects its strollers to kill bugs, bacteria, and more. Seriously… they go all out to get rid of any yuckies that might be on the stroller.
  • They have amazing, high-quality strollers. These are strollers you can steer with two fingers if needed. They have single and double stroller rentals.
  • They have special needs, adaptive strollers that can work for older children as well. (You can find those weight limits on their website.) Basically, age newborn to age 10 is covered.
  • They also have other baby equipment you can rent, like pack-and-plays, high chairs, or bed rails.
    What you need to know about Disneyland Stroller Rental or bringing your own stroller to the park!
  • Finally, City Stroller Rentals strollers can leave the Disneyland resort. That means if you are within walking distance, you can push your child back in the stroller. Or if you want to spend a day at another theme park, you have a stroller to take.
  • Their prices usually meet or beat Disneyland Stroller Rental prices.

One important thing to know about Disneyland Stroller Rentals from outside companies: As of December 1, 2019, third-party rental companies must meet guests face to face when dropping off or picking up strollers at the Disneyland Resort on-site hotels.

More Disneyland Stroller Info & Tips

Now that you have decided whether you will bring your own stroller, or rent one, there are a few more things you need to know about bringing a stroller to Disneyland.

Can Strollers Go On Disneyland Trams, Shuttles, or ART Bus

If you are taking a stroller to Disneyland you might wonder how they work on the tram from the Mickey and Friends parking structure or the shuttles from the Toy Story lot. Or perhaps you are utilizing the ART Shuttles.

Becca pushing a rental stroller from City Stroller Rentals at Disneyland with Castle in the Background

Strollers at Disneyland on The Tram

If you are parking at Mickey and Friends parking structure you will most likely take the tram to and from the park. (Unless you are like us and choose to walk rather than waiting for the tram.) If you are taking a stroller, I have some tips you might like to know.

As of October 7, 2019, you will need to fold your stroller up to ride in the tram. This totally sucks. Not gonna lie. Especially for those of us wrangling multiple kids, and also bringing food into Disneyland, a diaper bag and more. So luckily, there is an option that does not involve folding the stroller.

Important: The first row of the first and last cars on the tram used to not require this, but as of October 7, 2019, they do.

If you wish to avoid folding your stroller when using the Pixar Pals or Mickey and Friends Parking Structure Disneyland Parking options, you can utilize the pedestrian walkway that is located on the 2nd floor of the Pixar Pals structure. This will take you to the Downtown Disney security entrance.

If you are using your stroller as a wheelchair (and it already has a tag for such) you may also be able to utilize the mobility vans. I have heard others have done this with strollers, but we have never tried.

Insider Tip: Stay at a walking distance hotel, like one of the hotels on harbor blvd, closest to Disneyland, so you don’t have to worry about folding your stroller for shuttles and trams.

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Strollers at the Toy Story Lot or ART Shuttles

The Toy Story Lot utilizes shuttles to get guests to the park entrance. All strollers must be folded to get on the shuttle. Again, there are mobility vans for those with wheelchairs that could be used if you use your stroller as a wheelchair. See a cast member for more details.

Are Strollers Allowed In The Lines At Disneyland?

Disneyland lines are definitely a concern for parents, and they often wonder if they can take their strollers in line. In general, the answer is no. Strollers cannot be used in the lines at Disneyland.

The only exception is strollers being used as a wheelchair. Those can enter lines that are wide enough (at Disney California Adventure this is most lines). If they are not able to fit in the line, see a Cast Member to learn where to go. More info on using a stroller as a wheelchair is below.

Mark your Disneyland Stroller Rental as a wheelchair if using for special needs children so you can bypass lines as needed in park.
Stroller as a wheelchair tag. This tag allows the stroller to utilize the wheelchair entry or be taken in lines.

What Do I Do With The Stroller While Not Using It?

Strollers at Disneyland can be parked in stroller parking areas when you are in line or wandering the area. We often choose to park our stroller in Fantasyland and walk around since all the rides are so close together.

Stroller parking is usually marked (though there are a few places it is not). Disneyland has made a real effort over the last two years to move stroller parking to out-of-the-way areas in most of the lands. Most stroller parking is now off to the side of the walkways, often in an area tucked out of the way.

Stroller parking for Strollers At Disneyland is usually in easy to spot designated areas but cast members can help you find where to park your Disneyland stroller rental safely.
Photo Credit: City Stroller Rentals

While your stroller is parked, you may come back to find it is missing!


Don’t panic.

Chances are a Cast Member simply moved your stroller to help keep the stroller parking organized. I suggest buying a Disney Balloon or ribbon to tie to your stroller to make it easier to find in the parking area.

Can I Lock My Stroller At Disneyland?

Yes, it is true, once in a great while, a stroller may be stolen from Disneyland. So a lot of guests want to know if they can lock their stroller.

The answer is kind of.  

You may lock the wheels of the stroller at Disneyland when parked. This will make it so the wheels cannot turn. This still allows Cast Members to move strollers, but makes it harder for them to be taken by other guests.

What you cannot do is lock your stroller to Disneyland property.

But don’t stress, the actual chance of your stroller getting stolen is very small.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of strollers in the park every single day, so even if one were stolen daily, the odds are in your favor. Like I said before though, if you come out and your stroller is missing, chances are a cast member moved it.

Can I Take A Stroller Wagon Into Disneyland?

The technical answer is no. Wagons are not allowed in Disneyland. As of May 1, 2019, this includes the Keenz Stroller Wagon and other push wagons. (There may be some exceptions for medical/ADA purposes)

Using a stroller as a wheelchair

If you have a child that has mobility issues or other special needs that make him or her need to use the stroller at Disneyland as a wheelchair there are a few things you need to know.

First, stop by any guest service kiosk or guest relations at City Hall or Chamber of Commerce to get a Stroller as a Wheelchair tag. This tag will be attached to your stroller and is good for your entire visit (unless renting your stroller from Disneyland Resort directly, as that stroller will be turned in each day).

Chamber of commerce strollers at Disneyland is a great place to pick up a Wheelchair tag to add to your stroller if you are using it as a wheelchair for your special needs child.
You can stop at Chamber of Commerce (behind Oswald’s here), City Hall, or a guest servcie kiosk to get a tag

This tag allows you to take the stroller in the line on rides that can accommodate it.

For other rides, it will allow you to use the wheelchair entrance. This is usually the exit. Some rides just allow entry through the exit, while others will issue a return time (comparable to a Lightning Lane return time) for you to come back.

To know if you should go to the exit, utilize the regular queue, or get a return time, simply ask a Cast Member.

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Hopefully, I answered all of your questions about strollers and Disneyland stroller rentals for your vacation. If you have a question I didn’t answer, drop it in the comments and I will respond with an answer.

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*This post was originally published in September 2018. Most recent update June 2023.

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    • Carynn-
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      I hope that helps. I also have an article on Parking at Disnyeland that talks about this a little bit.

  2. Can you please share the best place to park your stroller near Peter Pan’s Flight? We haven’t been to Disneyland before and are planning to rope drop Peter Pan when we visit. I read that losing a minute in the rush to get to the ride can lose you 20 minutes in wait time, and I don’t want that to happen with two small children! I wanted to make sure I knew exactly where to go 🙂 Thank you in advance!

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