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Save When Buying Disneyland Tickets: Updated for the 2024 Price Increase

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If you are planning a trip to Disneyland for your family, you are probably looking at a lot of different ticket options. That’s why you should Buy Disneyland Tickets Using These Tips for Best Options.  Check out these tips and how to save money on Disneyland Tickets before you buy.

From hotels to activities away from the parks to what Disneyland tickets to purchase, there is a lot to decide on. For many families, Disneyland tickets will be the biggest purchase you make for your vacation.  Take the time to check out our tips for making the best ticket choice for your family. 

Buy Disneyland Tickets that fit your needs and family vacation using our tips for best practices when you travel to Disneyland as a family.

Buying Disneyland Tickets: Basic Info

The options for your park tickets can be a bit overwhelming. How many days should you go? Do you need to parkhop? Where can I get the best deal on tickets? Don’t worry. I am here to help you figure out everything you need to know before buying your Disneyland tickets. Plus how to save on your some major money on your tickets.

Planning to visit Disneyland in 2024?

Disneyland has released its calendar for celebrations and seasons.

Basic Disneyland Tickets and Pass Information

Disneyland park offers tickets for various amounts of days, with additional options available. With all of the different options, it can get a bit confusing to know what tickets you will be needing and what options are best for your family. So we are going to start with the basics. 

There are day passes, multi-day passes up to 5 days, and Disneyland parkhopper ticket upgrades in all of these types that allow you to go to both parks on the same day.  There are also Disneyland annual passes called Magic Keys available to those visiting more than once per year. 

Types of Disneyland Tickets

When you buy Disneyland Tickets they range from 1-5 days. Disneyland offers single-day and multi-day tickets to their parks. A single-day ticket will vary in price based on whether you are visiting during peak season, etc. but the cost is over $100/day/person for a single-day ticket.

One-day tickets

These tickets can be purchased with a park hopper option (at an additional cost) which allows you to visit both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA) on the same day.

One-day Disneyland tickets prices vary by the date you plan to use them and have 7 tiers of pricing.

Days when Disneyland expects less crowds have a lower cost. Days when they expect higher crowds have a higher cost. (As of this time, tiered pricing is only on 1 day tickets).

Multi-Day Tickets

These tickets range from 2-5 day tickets. The more days you purchase, the cheaper the per day cost.

Multi-day tickets are not currently priced differently based on date used so this is a great option for some.

Extra day free Disneyland ticket deal. Click to book

Multi-day tickets do not have to be used consecutively so you are able to take a break from the parks midweek, perhaps to check out a beach near Disneyland. That said, the tickets must be used within 13 days of first use (with the exception of Military Salute Tickets and Special Offerings like the SoCal Resident offers).

Multi-Day tickets also have the ability to add in a parkhopper option, in which case, you can visit both parks on the same day every single day of your visit if you choose.

NOTE: Residents of Australia are able to purchase up to 10-day tickets.

  • Park Hopper Passes allow you to visit both parks on the same day with a single ticket.ย  The price to add parkhopping to a ticket varies. It is $65 for 1-2 day tickets, $70 for 3-4 day tickets, and $75 for 5 day tickets.
  • Genie+ is the upgrade that grants you access to Lightning Lanes (former FastPass Lanes). You can repurchase this with your tickets to lock in the price of $30/ticket/day. If you wait and purchase it each day after entering the park, the pricing is dynamic and STARTS at $30/ticket/day

Cost of Disneyland Tickets

Typically, Disneyland increases ticket prices each year. Buying early always ensures you get the best ticket price, especially when you purchase via Get Away Today as they never penalize you for booking early. If a better deal comes along, they will refund you the difference.

Current Disneyland Ticket Prices October 2023

Below are the current Disneyland ticket prices as of October 30, 2023. I have added a comparison chart of Disneyland prices and Get Away Today’s prices. (Click on the Get Away Today Price to purchase tickets!)

Insider Tip: If you find a lower price for the same ticket, Get Away Today will price match!

Get Away


Get Away
Get Away
1-Day Tier 0 Ticket 1 Park$104$98N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 0 Ticket Parkhopper$169$163N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 1 Ticket 1 Park$119$112N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 1 Ticket Parkhopper$184$177N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 2 Ticket 1 Park$134$127N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 2 Ticket Parkhopper$199$192N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 3 Ticket 1 Park$154$146N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 3 Ticket Parkhopper$219$211N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 4 Ticket 1 Park$169$160N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 4 Ticket Parkhopper$234$225N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 5 Ticket 1 Park$184$174N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 5 Ticket Parkhopper$249$239N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 6 Ticket 1 Park$194$183N/AN/A
1-Day Tier 6 Ticket Parkhopper$259$248N/AN/A
2-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket$310$290$308$288
2-Day Parkhopper Ticket$375$350$373$353
3-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket$390$365$385$360
3-Day Parkhopper Ticket$460$435$455$430
4-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket$445$420$440$415
4-Day Parkhopper Ticket$515$490$510$485
5-Day 1 Park Per Day Ticket$480$450$445$420
5-Day Parkhopper Ticket$555$525$515$490
PRICING CURRENT AS OF OCTOBER 30, 2023 – Please note a 5th day free offer is available on 5-day tickets from Get Away Today.

Disneyland Ticket FAQs and Tips

People have a lot of questions about Disneyland tickets. Here are some of the biggest questions and tips I get from readers about Disneyland Tickets.

Are Disneyland Tickets More Expensive at The Gate?

Did you know that by waiting to buy your tickets at the gate you could overpay for your tickets?

Disneyland gate prices are the same as purchasing through the Disneyland App, but if you are going for multiple days, you will pay more if you buy directly from Disneyland. Instead, you can save money by purchasing your tickets through authorized ticket sellers. My preferred option is to purchase through Get Away Today.

Buying Tickets at The Gate May Not Get You In The Parks

Disneyland Resort utilizes a reservation system. Because of this, you really should try to avoid purchasing tickets at the gate the day you are visiting. Disneyland reservations can be booked up to 180 days in advance, and during busy seasons, they can run out of reservations.

That means, if you show up to Disneyland to purchase a ticket for that day or week… you may not be able to.

IMPORTANT: In addition to a ticket, you will also need park reservations to visit Disneyland. YOUR TICKETS ARE NOT YOUR RESERVATION! Reservations are a separate process AFTER you purchase your tickets from Get Away Today. You can find out how to make your Disneyland park reservations here, but be sure to check the reservation availability BEFORE you purchase your park tickets.

Disneyland Tickets

How Far In Advance Should You Buy Disneyland Tickets?

While you can only make reservations 180 days in advance, when you purchase multi-day tickets through my partners you can lock in the current pricing and the tickets do not expire until December 31, 2025.

I definitely suggest purchasing early as Disneyland can raise ticket prices at any given time. While we usually see one increase per year, we have had years with two increases.

Are Disneyland tickets refundable?

Life can throw things at you. That is something we learned in 2020. Sometimes that vacation may not happen, a job may be lost, or you need to just cancel your trip for any number of reasons. So are Disneyland tickets refundable?

In general, Disneyland tickets are not refundable. However, if you purchase via my partners at Get Away Today, they do offer refunds, minus a $50/ticket cancellation fee OR you can purchase their Peace of Mind plan for $99 when you purchase your tickets. The Peace of Mind plan makes your tickets fully refundable.

I always suggest buying the Peace of Mind plan as it covers cancellations, changes, and more.

To my knowledge, Get Away Today is the only authorized ticket seller that offers refundable tickets. Even Disney does not offer refunds.

While tickets bought anywhere else are not refundable, any tickets purchased for Disneyland will not lose their value. That means if you purchase a ticket for $300, and it expires, you can get the same ticket by bringing in that ticket and paying the difference at the ticket booth.

What Age Is An Adult?

We often don’t think of our tweens and teens as adults.  When purchasing your Disneyland tickets, it is important to know that guests over the age of 9 are considered adults when purchasing theme park admission. If you are visiting over your child’s birthday, and they will be 9 the first day of your ticket use, you may purchase them a child’s admission.

  • Children 10 and over are also considered an adult when purchasing character meals.
  • Disneyland does not charge admission for guests under the age of 3. They also do not charge those guests for character dining (but you will need to include them in your party count). Just like with your 9-year-old, if your child is under the age of 3 on the first day of admission, you will not need to purchase a ticket during this trip, even if their birthday falls during this vacation.When you buy Disneyland tickets consider the age of your children so you know what is the best ticket for your family.

Some tips for where to buy Disneyland tickets for your upcoming trip are below. Buying Disneyland tickets from the right place can save you hundreds of dollars. But buying them from the wrong place can cost you hundreds.

Buyer Beware

Disneyland tickets are non-transferable. Once a ticket is scanned for first entrance, tickets may not be transferred. Disneyland will take the picture of the person using the ticket to ensure the same person uses the ticket every day.

HINT: Do not buy partially used tickets off eBay, etc for this exact reason

You can purchase Disneyland tickets from different places. Disneyland tickets may be purchased online, at the kiosks, and through multiple authorized ticket agents. Our favorite is Get Away Today. See the table above for how much you can save using them.

Choose to buy Disneyland tickets from an authorized dealer for the best prices and security that you are getting an authentic ticket.

Discount Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland is expensive, I get that. Because of that, most people want to know if there is a way to get discounted Disneyland tickets. While discounts are few and far between, there are a few ways to get discounted tickets.

Authorized Ticket Dealers often have sales. There are a handful of authorized ticket agents/dealers that sale Disneyland tickets. Some have discounted prices throughout the year. Our personal favorite, as mentioned above is Get Away Today.

One of the best parts of your visit to Disneyland is the adventures you will have on the train around the park!

They have several tickets sales a year, such as Adults at Kids Prices, summer sales with dollar amounts off, and more. My favorite part about Get Away Today is they offer these discounts by themselves as well as in packages.

Disneyland Kids Ticket Deal for Early 2024

Starting October 24, 2023 you can purchase discounted Disneyland tickets for kids ages 3-9 for travel January 8-March 10, 2024.

The ticket prices can be as low as $50 per day and are available for 1, 2, and 3 day tickets. You are also able to purchase these tickets with Genie+ and parkhopper options.

Other Disneyland Ticket Discount Options

  • Military Discounts for those in the service. Disneyland knows how to thank our service men and women. There are a few different discounts available to those who have served or are serving in the armed forces. Members of the armed forces and their spouses can purchase tickets through their bases. You must have a military ID to purchase and on first entry.
  • SoCal Tickets. Some years, Disneyland will offer SoCal tickets for residents in Southern California at the beginning of the year. These tickets are discounted and good for dates from January-May with blackout dates around spring break.  Watch the Disneyland website for more information on this offer. You do need to show proof of residence to purchase SoCal Tickets.
    Enjoy fun in Radiator Springs when you buy Disneyland Tickets that include a Park Hopper pass.
  • The Secret Target Red Card Discount. This is honestly 100% my favorite way to save money on Disneyland purchases but I usually find that it is a better deal to get tickets through Get Away Today and then use this for your Disneyland spending money.

    What is this secret Target Red Card Discount? Simple: If you have a Target Red Card- you can purchase Disney Gift Cards and get your 5% discount when you pay using your Red Card. So if you buy $500 of Gift Cards you only pay $475.

Factors to Consider when deciding which disneyland tickets to buy

Deciding what Disneyland tickets to buy is such a personal decision. You can ask 5 different Disneyland bloggers and each one would probably give you a different answer. If you aren’t sure how many days to stay, check out my to help you decide how many days to spend at Disneyland.

Things to consider before you buy Disneyland Tickets

  • Budget. I think the budget should always be at the top of the list of things to consider when deciding which tickets to purchase. Definitely stay within your budget. Maybe this means choosing one-park-per-day tickets instead of park hoppers, or maybe this means going for 3 days instead of 5. Whatever you decide, let your budget be your guide.
Learn what your budget should be and how to set up creative ways to budget to buy Disneyland tickets for your family.
  • Time. You can not do everything in one day. Even with super spectacular planning and use of the Lightning Lane system (when available), you can not do every ride or attraction in one day, let alone hit up your favorites twice. If you have enough time during your vacation I always suggest at least two days in the parks. That said, any day at Disneyland is better than none, so don’t think you are wasting your money if you only go one day
Buy Disneyland tickets with your whole vacation in mind allowing your family down time for other Southern California adventures.

What you need to consider about Park Hopper Passes

What about Parkhopping? Park hopping is one of those things that people have very different opinions on. It isn’t right for everyone, but I have broken down things to consider when deciding if you should parkhop at Disneyland in other articles.

For us, the two parks are so close that parkhopping is super easy. It is nice to be able to go to the other park if one is too crowded or the lines are too long. If your budget allows, I would definitely suggest adding parkhopping.

Learn if you should buy Disneyland Tickets that include park hopper options when you are planning to visit the resort!

The Magic of a Disneyland Vacation

No matter what tickets you choose to go with, you are sure to have a magical time at Disneyland. If this is your first trip (ever or just in a while) I have tons of tips to help you learn all about the parks. I definitely suggest you think about how much you want to do, and your travel style, to help decide how many days and which ticket option is right for you.

Did I answer all of your questions about how to buy Disneyland tickets? If not, leave your question below in the comments and I will try and answer it for you.

21 thoughts on “Save When Buying Disneyland Tickets: Updated for the 2024 Price Increase”

  1. You can still take advantage of Magic Mornings as an annual passholder! You just have to show your hotel key at the gate (if staying at one of the on-site hotels like the Grand, DL hotel, and Paradise Pier. Have fun!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Be aware of grad nights when visiting during the months of May and June. Even though I have been told that Disneyland is trying to improve these events, there are things the public needs to be aware of. I bought my ticket at the last minutes fully unaware of grad night events.
    First of all, California Adventure closed at 9:00 pm even though the Paint the Night (a must see) was scheduled for 8:50.
    Expecting crowds during this summer month, I never expected a mass of teenagers overtaking both parks as the day turned into night. We left the park early, with 2 scheduled fast passes, because the crowds were so bad.
    After calling customer relations this morning, I was told that if I had consulted their calendar, it would have said “grad night” on it. I tried to confirm this, but the calendar does not let you see the past.
    Good luck. Just trying to keep Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth!! I was not happy last night at 9:00 pm.

  3. Do you have to show Id to enter Disneyland? My husband’s id is expired and I don’t think his new one will be in before our Disney trip

    • An ID is usually only required for Military upon first entrance. However, if the system is having issues, they may require adults to have ID if they are unable to pull up your picture attached to your ticket.

      • i purchased it online, and it sent me a e ticket but has nothing in the fine print. I thought you may have purchased and gone through before me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve spoken to the chat rep who does not know, and called 800 who says yes but if its not on the ticket? we are also newbs to dland.

  4. I am getting ready to buy a 3 day ticket from Target. I don’t see anything on it about blackout dates or anything like that. Just the 13 days from first use or Jan 2020 expiration date as usual. I am going December 23-25th, would I be able to use these tickets from target during those dates?

  5. Can I take my two Grandchildren to Disneyland, and can they get the military discount with their IDโ€™s their parents wonโ€™t be with them .

    • Sadly the rules state the service member or their legal spouse must be the ones to purchase and activate the tickets. That means one of them would have to be present.

  6. If I purchased 2 day hopper at Target can I go during Christmas holidays or are there blackout dates ? Also, says gift card can take directly to entrance ? Is that true

    Thank you

    • It will say on the back of the ticket if there are black out dates but there shouldn’t be. And yes, the hard tickets at Target you take directly to the gate. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great time.

  7. In the calendar of availability there are little icons for each park. And it only shows California adventure. Does that mean Disneyland is not available. Iโ€™m so confused.

    • Yes, if you have a one park per day, only DCA is available. If you have a parkhopper (and are looking at the parkhopper calendar) that means you must start at DCA but can parkhop after 1 pm.


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