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Lockers at Disneyland: From free options to ones that can fit your suitcase

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Disneyland is a very family-friendly theme park, but as a family, I know that we often have a lot of stuff that we take to the parks. Thankfully, Disneyland gives us a way to not carry all of our items around the park all day long. This is your complete guide to lockers at Disneyland.

Article Highlights

  • Disneyland offers lockers both inside the parks, and outside the parks gates for guests to use
  • Locker prices are based on size
  • The picnic area offers larger locker options that can even fit a suitcase
  • There are short-term FREE locker offerings in California Adventure Park

If you are looking at all the stuff you need to bring to Disneyland for your fun-filled day, you might be dreading what to do with everything. My husband sometimes refers to himself as the pack mule when we travel, especially to theme parks.

Picture of a receipt for Disneyland lockers rental in front of rows of red lockers. Receipt shows locker number and price.

Disneyland Lockers – Your Questions Answered

Thankfully, whether it be bringing in your own food to Disneyland, or just wanting somewhere to store the extra outfits and park purchases, Disneyland has plenty of options available in the form of lockers.

Does Disneyland have lockers for guests to use?

Yes! Disneyland has several locker locations for guests to use. They also have several sizes of lockers, ranging from those meant to fit approximately one back pack, to ones that can fit a large cooler in the Disneyland picnic area.

Is there a charge for lockers at disneyland? if so how much?

All magic, and storage, comes at a price… with one exception. Yes, there is a fee for most Disneyland lockers.

The standard lockers start at $7 and the prices go up, through the jumbo size in the picnic area for $15. Below is a chart of the locker prices. I will be adding the dimensions of the standard lockers soon.

Price and Sizes of Disneyland Lockers

Disneyland Locker SizeDimensions (In Inches)Price For The Day
Standard Locker9.5 x 11 x 18$7
Large Locker15 x 16.5 x 22.5$10
*Extra Large Locker (Picnic Area)15 x 23 x 22.5$12
Jumbo Locker (Picnic Area)18 x 25 x 37$15
*These are called Large on the kiosk screen but are bigger than the Large lockers in the other areas, so I have called them Extra Large Lockers.

Where are the lockers at Disneyland located?

Disneyland has 6 locker locations, though they only advertise 4 of them on the website and the map on the app (under guest services). They do not advertise the Picnic Area lockers or the free option… which we will get to in just a moment.

Lockers inside the Disneyland Resort theme parks

Disneyland Resort consists of 2 theme parks, the esplanade between the parks, Downtown Disney, and the three Disney-owned hotels.

Each park has a locker location inside of the park.

Lockers Inside Disneyland Park

In Disneyland, the lockers are located halfway down Main Street USA, on the right-hand side (when facing the castle) down Central Street. Central Street is located between Market House (aka Starbucks) and Disney Clothiers Ltd.

This location has small and medium lockers.

Lockers Inside California Adventure

The lockers inside of California Adventure are located on Buena Vista Street, on the right-hand side as you enter the park, next to the bathrooms.

This location has small and medium lockers.

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Free Lockers Inside California Adventure Park

If you don’t want to pay for a locker, but you need a break from carrying your stuff, or just don’t want it to get soaked on Grizzly River Run, you can utilize the “secret” FREE lockers at Disneyland.

These lockers are located behind the DVC display, near Grizzly River Run. There are not a ton of them, and they are all small size lockers. BUT – they are free for 2 hours.

The catch?

They will be $6/hour after the first 2 hours. So this is not an economical choice for a full day locker, but if you just want to drop your stuff there while you go on a ride, or if you are going out of the secure area for lunch at Craftsman, and don’t want to have to worry about bringing a bag through security on the way back, these lockers are a great option.

Adding this note: I was told by security after they noticed I just ran in to get lunch at Craftsman, and had a backpack with tons of pockets, to use this option. If it is a busy and hot day, and you don’t have much to go through, please consider leaving these lockers for those riding Grizzly River Run.

I really hope they add some near Splash Mountain at some point. It is a great option for keeping your items dry.

Important Information About In Park Lockers

In-park lockers are only accessible during park hours. This can be a problem for those who may be Parkhoppipng at Disneyland, when one park closes earlier than the other.

This is one reason I often opt for lockers outside of the parks, in the esplanade at Disneyland Resort.

Locker Rentals Available Outside the Park Gates At Disneyland

There are 3 locker options outside of the parks at Disneyland, all located near the park gates. These are great for guests who may be parkhopping and just want to store items or purchases that they most likely will not need much access to through out the day.

For instance, if I buy a souvenir as I leave Disneyland to hop to California Adventure, I can store the item in a locker in the esplanade, and grab it before leaving the resort that night.

Locker Rentals Near California Adventure Entrance

These are probably one of my most used locker locations. Especially if I am staying at a Harbor Blvd hotel or utilizing the Toy Story Shuttle.

These lockers are located just after the Harbor entrance security point, near Guest Relations. They are rarely busy and are perfect for being able to grab stuff between the parks or right before you leave for the night.

Locker Rentals Near Disneyland Park Gates

On the Disneyland side of the esplanade, there is a bigger locker area to the left of the Disneyland park gates, past Guest Services/Lost and Found. These lockers are great for those that are coming in from Downtown Disney or the trams.

These are often more crowded, but there are 2-3 times more lockers on this side than the California Adventure side of the Esplanade, so don’t let it detour you from using these ones.

I always say the best ones are the ones that make sense for you to be able to access them when you need to, so if you are taking the tram, this is a great choice.

Disneyland Park side locker rentals (inside and outside park gates)
California Adventure side Park Rentals (inside and outside of park gates)

Lockers in the Disneyland picnic Area

I love the Disneyland Picnic Area, and we have used it often, especially when we decide to pack in lunches, etc when traveling with a large group.

The lockers in this location are Large and Extra Large sizes. I have seen people fit suitcases in them before. The picture below really does not do the size justice.

These lockers are more expensive, but still a great option for those that want to bring a lot of food items, hard-sided coolers, or need to store large items.

How to use disneyland locker rentals

If you are wondering how the locker rentals work, I got you covered. It always helps to be prepared for what you will need, how to open the locker rentals, etc.

What Forms of Payment can be used for disneyland locker rentals

You can use a credit/debit card to rent a locker, or USD cash (bills only). I haven’t used cash for a while so I will verify this is still an option on my trip in Mid-March 2022.

How to rent a locker at disneyland

To rent a locker at Disneyland you will utilize the touch screen kiosk in the locker area. It is available in several languages, and you will choose the language you want to begin your locker rental. Simply touch the language you wish to use.

Next you will choose the size of locker from those available at the location you are using.

Then you will insert your payment. The machines take both cash and card, though cash is limited to specific bills (1, 5, and10) and the max change is $5. The machine only excepts US Dollars.

After you have chosen the size, it will ask you to set a 4 number pin.

TIP: Your pin may not be one number repeated 4 times, and it also may not be 1234, etc. I suggest choosing a pin that you will utilize for any time you get a locker and making sure your family or anyone who may need to get in the locker know the pin.

You will be asked to re-enter the pin a second time.

Once the pin is set, you will be assigned a locker number and a receipt will be printed. That receipt will also show your locker number.

TIP: Take a picture of your locker number either on the receipt or at the locker itself in case you forget your locker number and/or lose the receipt. Or text it to another member of your party.

How To Open a Disneyland Locker

To open the locker at Disneyland, simply enter your pin and hit “enter.” If you have used the incorrect pin, or skipped a number, it will not unlock. Simply try again.

How to end your Disneyland Locker Rental

Once you are done with a locker rental, you will simply, with the door open, hit the END RENTAL button until the lights turn green on the keypad. At that point, once the door closes, your pin will no longer work, so DO NOT leave anything in there.

What Happens if I left something in a locker at disneyland?

Look, we are all forgetful sometimes, especially at Disneyland. So it can happen to anybody that you forget about your locker and head back to your hotel. So what should you do?

If you left something in your locker and hit end rental

Let’s say you are at the locker, hit end rental, but forgot to grab an item and shut the door, simply use the button to call for assistance at the lockers.

If you left items in a disneyland locker overnight

Items are cleaned out of lockers every night after park closure. If you left items in a locker, you will need to contact guest services – lost and found. You can do so by heading to the guest services location next to the Disneyland Side Esplenade Lockers, or by filling out the online form (ask a cast member at any guest kiosk or via the chat in the Disneyland App how to do so).

Are Disneyland Lockers worth getting

I have a love-hate relationship with Disneyland lockers.

On one hand, it is so nice to not have to carry everything around, which is great when I am going for work and may need multiple outfits or gear.

On the other hand, it is a pain to have to run to a locker to get stuff. Especially if you are in a different park than your locker.

my tips for using Disneyland lockers

I personally never leave everything in a locker at Disneyland, because I know how often I would have to end up going back to it. My suggestion instead is to utilize a locker to “lighten your load.”

That could mean leaving a cooler that you can go back and grab snacks from. Put souvenirs you have purchased in a locker, or possibly extra clothes or gear if you are carrying a lot of stuff.

Here are more tips for using lockers that you might find handy.

  • If you will be park hopping – get a locker in the esplenade. ESPECIALLY if the parks close at different times. I have had to remember to run back over to the opposite park to grab stuff from a locker and it just puts a damper in your evening.
  • Set a reminder for the approximate time you plan to leave the park. An alarm or alert titled “Get items from locker” is perfect.
  • Again, take pictures or send a text to a fellow traveler with the locker number, and even the pin if it is not something you will FOR SURE remember. That makes it easy to find it.
  • When in doubt, get a bigger locker. If you are thinking you can fit 2 backpacks in your small locker, maybe you can, but you may add things, or have a hard time fitting stuff back in the locker later. Just go bigger.
  • If you utilize the free lockers in DCA, I always suggest keeping at least a credit card out with you. It makes the process if you go over the 2 free hours a lot smoother.

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