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Disneyland in March 2022

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Thinking of heading to Disneyland in March? We are covering everything you need to know before you book your vacation to The Happiest Place On Earth. What are crowds like? What can you expect from the weather? What special offerings should you be looking forward to? Keep reading to find out all about Disneyland in March.

Friends… this one was emotional to update. This was the month Disneyland shut down, and this post was originally published before that happened.

There were some tears as I read through the post and what we “could look forward to” knowing now that 2 weeks into the month the world would close. Magic Happens… hardly anybody got to see that.

ACK… Enough sentimental stuff. The important thing is that March 2022 is looking wonderful at Disneyland Resort.

As always, I begin with general trends, and then I will cover stuff specific to 2022.

Disneyland in March – Annual Trends

March is a popular time for travel in general. Many spring breaks are in March, the weather gets just a little bit warmer and people in colder states (like me) start looking to head south and soak up some sun.

Spring Break at Disneyland is a popular choice… but is it too popular? Will you actually get sun or will you see a lot of rain? Let’s find out if going to Disneyland in March is the right thing for you.

Disneyland Ticket Booth

Now the big question is… should you go to Disneyland in March? My family heads to Disneyland almost every March. In fact, in 2019 I headed to Disneyland mid-March solo (for a conference) and then 5 days after I returned home, packed up and headed back with the family. I am doing the same thing in 2022 to cover the opening of the Disneyland Food and Wine Festival, and then our family trip.

March Crowds at Disneyland

One of the biggest questions people have about going to Disneyland in March is about crowds. And with great reason. The crowds from year to year tend to fluctuate quite a bit. Why? Because Spring breaks tend to change from year to year.

Generally speaking – spring break at Disneyland tends to be March and April. Spring breaks around the country vary so much that you will see crowds rise at the beginning of March, but as the month goes on, it gets busier and busier.

Do not let the crowds at Disneyland during this time scare you off. My family goes every year at the end of March and still finds it quite manageable. You may just want to think about how many days to spend at Disneyland carefully (more equals a better chance to get things done).

You will also want to utilize early mornings, and consider purchasing tickets that include Genie+, to access shorter lines.

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You will not find the parks reaching capacity during spring break. Unlike Thanksgiving or Winter Breaks, dates for spring break vary so much around the country, it helps spread out the crowds.

Park hours at Disneyland in March

The park hours in March start out shorter during the week, but as the month goes on, they start closing later. Eventually, most days will see Disneyland open from 8 am – midnight, and California Adventure open 8 am – 10 pm.

Weather at Disneyland in March

Wondering if you should pack shorts and tanks or pants and hoodies? The short answer is… pack it all for your Disneyland vacation!

The weather in Southern California can be all over the place this time of year. Mornings and evenings will be quite cool and you most likely need a hoodie, and maybe even pants.

The days can be sunny and feel hot, especially if coming from a cooler climate, but then turn around and be rainy and cool the next day.

It is definitely best to keep an eye on the weather forecast and pack layers to wear to the park.

Annual Events at Disneyland in March

Every year, the beginning of March (or the very end of February) kicks off the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival.

Photo: Disneyland Resort

The festival is just as the name implies- a food and wine tasting event. Guests will be able to sample California-inspired dishes, brews, and more. There is also entertainment and activities for kids.

Rides and Entertainment at Disneyland in March

In general, most rides are usually open for March, especially during the later half of the month. You will usually have one or two lingering closures for refurbishment or annual maintenance. You may also see some unexpected closures as well.

Entertainment in March often is part of the Food and Wine Festival, but you will also have Fireworks (though not always nightly).

Visiting Disneyland in March 2022

Let’s talk March 2022. So much is happening, and it feels good that this March feels similar to what I wrote in March 2020… but hopefully this time it all happens.

March 2022 Health and Safety Guidelines at Disneyland

Disneyland’s mask guidelines changed February 17, 2022. Vaccinated guests are no longer required to wear masks at indoor locations.

All guests, age 2 and up, are still required to wear masks on public, enclosed transportation, such as the monorail or the Toy Story Shuttles. This is in line with the federal mandate.

The state of California strongly urges all guests to be fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test before visiting the parks.

Kick off of the food & wine festival at Disneyland

While I am not a foodie, March is a great time for foodies to visit the parks. Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival takes place March 4 – April 26, 2022 and includes a lot of amazing food, culinary exhibits, and more.

In addition to Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, you will often find several specialty items around the parks during spring break. Disneyland releases foodie guides for each season so be sure to keep an eye out for updates!

If you are traveling to Disneyland, be sure to head over and print your planning guide from my friend Jessica so you can make sure to get all those must-try food items.

As part of the Food and Wine Festival, Soarin’ Over California will return in place of Soarin’ Around The World. This is a favorite of my family, even though the footage and transitions are a bit dated. Some things to enjoy with this ride include:

  • The citrus smell
  • The hidden Mickey golf ball flying at your face
  • Skier falling down the mountain (my husband’s favorite part)
  • The smell of pine
  • And more!

Spring Break at Disneyland

March also kicks off Spring Break at Disneyland. This may be a surprise to those who have a mid-late April Spring Break. In general, as March goes on, it will get busier, and the park hours will get later.

This doesn’t mean the crowds at Disneyland will be unbearable.

Thanks to the park reservation system, the spread of Spring Breaks, and other factors, you will most likely still have an enjoyable time.

Mickey’s Toontown Closing

If you have little ones that enjoy Mickey’s Toontown, you will want to note that beginning March 9, 2022, Mickey’s Toontown will be closed for a re-imagineering as they prepare the land for a grand reopening along with the opening of a new ride in 2023.

Mickey and his friends will be available to meet in other areas of Disneyland Resort, but you will not be able to visit his house, or enjoy the rides in this land.

entertainment options at disneyland in march

This is a sad part of my post. Mostly because, in 2020, just weeks before the closure, it included an amazing section dedicated to the Magic Happens Parade. I really hope we are able to see this parade return and get the run it deserves.

On a more positive note, while we are still waiting another several weeks for the return of nighttime spectaculars, we will see calvacades, and live entertainment involved in Food and Wine Festival take place during March.


Mickey’s Mix Magic takes place nightly, as music and projections on Main Street. On select nights, weather-permitting, this show will also include fireworks. Check the Disneyland app for showtimes and which nights will include fireworks.

Special Events at Disneyland in march 2022

In March, Disneyland has a special event, Villain’s Night. This extra ticketed event is sold out, and takes place in California Adventure. It takes place 2 times, March 8 and March 10, 2022. On those nights California Adventure will close to general admission guests at 8 pm.

Disneyland park hours March 2022

Park hours in March 2022 are what I would typically expect, with a couple of surprise early closures for California Adventure (and no, not for Villain’s Night).

Here is a look at the Disneyland Resort Hours for March 2022.

DatesDisneyland Park M-ThDisneyland Park F-SaDisneyland Park SundayCalifornia Adventure M-ThCalifornia Adventure F-SuDowntown Disney M-ThDowntown Disney F-SaDowntown Disney SundayExceptions
March 1-68 am – 9 pm8 am – midnight, 8 am – 11 pm8 am – 9 pm8 am – 10 pm8 am – 10 pm8 am – 1 am8 am – midnight
March 7-138 am – 10 pm8 am – midnight8 am – 11 pm8 am – 8 pm (See exception)8 am – 10 pm8 am – 11 pm8 am – 1 am8 am – midnightMonday, DCA is open until 9 pm
March 14-208 am – midnight8 am – midnight8 am – midnight8 am – 10 pm8 am – 10 pm8 am – 1 am8 am – 1 am8 am – 1 am
March 21-278 am – 11 pm8 am – midnight8 am – midnight8 am – 10 pm (See exception)8 am – 10 pm8 am – midnight8 am – 1 am8 am – 1 amMarch 23 & 24, DCA closes at 5 pm
March 28-318 am – midnight8 am – midnightN/A8 am – 10 pmN/A8 am – 1 amN/AN/A

Disneyland Ride Closures in March 2022

The following closures are listed for March 2022. Please note this may not include all closures and sometimes Disneyland will postpone a closure (like the Monorail in Jan and Feb was open two of my trips when it was “supposed” to be closed). Toontown rides are not listed as the entire land is closing.

Disneyland Rides Closed During March 2022

  • Disneyland Monorail – Reopens March 7, 2022
  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – No reopening date
  • Indiana Jones Adventure – March 8 – 11, 2022
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds – Reopens March 5, 2022
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – March 14 – ? (shown closed through April 8 at least)
  • Sailing Ship Columbia – Reopens March 26, 2022
  • Splash Mountain – Reopens March 8, 2022
  • Tarzan’s Treehouse – No reopening date

California Adventure Rides Closed During March 2022

  • Grizzly River Run – Reopens 31, 2022
  • Littler Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure – Closed until March 4, 2022

These are the currently scheduled closures, but we often find during spring break a lot of rides break down at Disneyland because of the heat, high crowds, and constant usage.

Good To Know For Your Disneyland Visit In March 2022

If you are heading to Disneyland in March of 2022, remember that the weather can be a bit fickle. Bring layers, and check the forecast a few days before your trip.

Don’t forget to make those park reservations ASAP! March is a popular time not only for Disneyland, but for other area events. Hotels and park reservations are filling up quickly.

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Heading to Disneyland in March?

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