Hikes In The Redwoods For Families

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You’ll find much more than just some of the tallest trees in the world when you pay your visit to the Redwoods. There’s also history, epic ocean views, mountain biking, and camping opportunities there too. If you are looking for hikes in the Redwoods for families, it can be overwhelming.

You may be worried that you will be limited from doing a whole lot because you have small children? Great news! Most of the trails that are in the park are not too difficult, which is great to hear for those of you with younger children. These are some of the easier Redwood trails in the park to do with kids that you won’t want to miss.  

Redwoods Hikes To Do With Kids – Families Will Love These Trails

My kids love the Redwoods. Seeing trees that tower above them, linking arms to see how many it takes to be able to hug a tree, and even driving through a tree are some of the great memories we have from the Redwoods.

I know when I planned our first trip to the Redwoods, I was worried that the hikes would be too hard for our kids. But thankfully, there are several trails that range in difficulty. I have listed the difficulty for each trail, and while not all are “easy” I think sometimes kids can do moderate trails with no trouble.

No matter which trail you pick, be sure to practice hiking at home. You may want to make your kids their own hiking pack. For infants and toddlers, you will probably want to utilize a child carrier for most trails.

I am including several photos from our adventures in the Redwoods. Not all are in the Redwood National Forest. We have also visited the Humboldt County Redwoods, among others. Sadly, I did not mark which trails each picture was in.

Map of Redwoods Hikes For Families

Here is a map to help you plan out the trails mentioned in this article for your visit. As you can see, the Redwoods is multiple parks, spread along the northern California coast line. So knowing where these hikes are will help make sure you are planning to be in the area of the hikes.

Best Redwoods Hikes For Families

Here is a breakdown of the trails listed above for your to hike with your family while visiting the Redwoods. This is just a sampling of some of the amazing trails offered.

Ah-Pah Interpretive Trail

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Distance: 0.4 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

Once an old logging road, the Ah-Pah Interpretive Trail is a quiet and lightly-trafficked trail that takes about 10 minutes to hike. Though short, there’s the chance that you’ll see wildlife and opportunities for bird-watching. It’s a great trail to introduce your small children to your love for hiking and spending time out in nature.  

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Berry Glen and Lady Bird Trail 

Redwood National Park 

Distance: 6 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Open year-round, Berry Glen and Lady Bird Trail has a steady incline that rises to a gain of 1,286 feet in elevation and features wildflowers. The trail has plenty of tree-canopy and takes about 3 hours and 17 minutes to complete according to Alltrails. There are plenty of beautiful views to see, but some of the best highlights of the trail are just before you stumble upon Lady Bird Grove.   

Coastal Trail: Demartin Section 

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Distance: 11.4 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Coastal Trail: Demartin Section is a there-and-back trail that takes about 6 hours and 34 minutes to complete. It’s a lightly-trafficked trail that has an elevation gain of 2,923 feet so it’s only recommended if you have teenagers. The trail can be overgrown at points, but there are camping opportunities nearby and the chance that you’ll see wildlife.   

Klamath Overlook

Redwood National Park

Distance: 1 Mile

Difficulty: Easy

Featuring a river while gaining an elevation of 360 feet,  Klamath Overlook is a great trail for all different skill levels. Coming back may be a bit steep for some. You’ll witness great views of the ocean, the mouth of the Klamath River, and the rocky shoreline. This trail takes about 39 minutes to complete. 

Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail 

Redwood National Park

Distance: Easy

Difficulty: 1.3 Miles

If you’re searching for a trail that offers you a nice casual stroll and that’s perfect for the whole family, this one is it. Located within the southern section of the park, the Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail is a great trail to do at the beginning or end of your adventure in Redwood National Park. 

This heavily trafficked hike features wildflowers and takes a little over a half-hour to complete. The best time to visit is during the early morning or late afternoon hour due to the very limited parking space. Parking alongside the road is not permitted because of safety issues. 

Last Chance California Coastal Trail 

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Distance: 1.4 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Last Chance California Coastal Trail is a moderate there-and-back mostly-shaded trail that’s considered fairly easy. You’ll come across beautiful wildflowers and other activities that you can participate in the area, including mountain biking, birdwatching, and also visiting a secluded beach at sunset. Alltrails estimates this hike to take you right around 42 minutes depending on how often you stop to look at the scenery.  

Redwood National Park Wetland Boardwalk 

Redwood National Park

Distance: 0.3 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

Ideal for all different skill levels, the Redwood National Park Wetland Boardwalk takes an estimated 7 minutes to complete. The trail features a river and has bird-watching opportunities and the chances of seeing wildlife.  

Tall Trees Grove Loop Trail 

Redwood National Park

Distance: 3.3 Miles 

Difficulty: Moderate

The Tall Trees Grove Loop Trail is just shy of a 2-hour hike, with a gain of 748 feet in elevation, and also features a river. The incline may have you stopping to catch your breath at times, but it’s a quiet and peaceful hike as you make your way amongst the magnificent giant trees. Be sure that you get a permit a couple of days in advance to hike this beautiful trail. It’s best to do this hike from March until the month of October.   

The Farm Trail

Redwood National Park

Distance: 0.3 Miles

Difficulty: Easy 

Ideal for even small children, The Farm Trail is a lightly-trafficked trail that takes about 11 minutes to complete. There’s an elevation gain of 98 feet, where you’ll see wildflowers and plenty of birds in the area. There’s also a bit of history to this trail. You’ll come across two old buildings that were built during WWII as a radar station in order to detect any Japanese aircraft that may have attempted to bombard the US mainland. To the untrained eye, they look more like farmhouses than anything, but that was probably for disguise.   

Yurok Loop Trail

Redwood National Park

Distance: 2.1 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

The Yurok Loop Trail offers you a beautiful forest setting as well as some stunning ocean views and bird-watching opportunities. It’s a moderately trafficked trail that only gains 121 feet in elevation. If you’re in search of more amazing views, head a little ways past the Yurok Loop Trail turn-off. Depending upon when you visit, the trail may be a bit muddy in places and takes about an hour to complete. 

Redwood Parks are chocked full of family-friendly trails that have fascinating features to them, whether you’re looking for history, hoping to spot interesting wildlife or a remote camping destination. The giant redwoods that you’ll find there are absolutely extraordinary in size, providing you not only with shade but a humble reminder of just how small we are in comparison. If you’ve visited any of these trails with your children before, which one did you go on and how was your experience?   

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