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Disneyland in November 2021

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Heading to Disneyland in November? There is a lot to know. When do Halloween decorations come down? When do the holidays officially start? What will be closed, and what about this new Holiday Party? If you are heading to Disneyland in November 2021, you will want to check out our guide.

Thinking of going to Disneyland in November 2022? We have included annual information in this guide as well. Be sure to check it out.

(Photo Courtesy Disneyland Resort)

Disneyland In November – What To Expect Annually

I always start off my monthly guide with a general annual guide so that if you are thinking about going to Disneyland in November, you can get an idea for what you will experience.

After Annual Trends, I will cover the current year, and I update this about a month in advance each year, so bookmark this page if you are planning ahead.

Crowds at Disneyland in November

Of course, everyone always wonders about crowds when planning a Disneyland vacation. November is a weird month for crowds. You will see low crowds during most of the month, but around Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, crowds can be pretty full.

Thanksgiving Break Crowds at Disneyland

Thanksgiving week, in the past, has been a wild card. Some years it has been fairly empty, at least the first half of the week, while other years it has been packed.

With Disneyland park reservations now required, we hope there won’t be anything too crazy as far as crowds, but you will definitely need to get those reservations set ASAP if you haven’t already.

TIP: If you are spending Thanksgiving at Disneyland, be sure to check out all the info on Thanksgiving Meals at Disneyland.

Other crowd Tips For November

Many years, Disneyland will record parts of a Christmas or Holiday special in the parks. These days tend to be a bit crowded near the recording, and because of the need to detour traffic, that can be a pain, but usually, lines are pretty short for most rides. If you can make your way to an area of the park you can get a lot done.

Veterans Day and the surrounding days/weekend can tend to be quite busy at Disneyland. While not as busy as Thanksgiving week, if you have another option of when to visit, try to avoid this time.

Weather at Disneyland in November

November is a tricky month as far as the weather. It is usually sunny, and if you come from a cooler climate, you will most likely find it quite enjoyable.

You may still see a heatwave in November, or you may see a cold front.

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Definitely check the forecast in the days leading up to your vacation.

Pixar Pier on a cool morning November 10, 2019. The day ended up being sunny and warm but the morning was COOL! Like jacket cool.

You will need pants and/or jackets for the evening hours after the sun goes down. Be sure to pack layers as you never know if morning will bring in mist and fog with the marine layer, but then the afternoon will be hot and sunny.

Annual Events At Disneyland – The Holiday Kick-Off

I said November is a strange month, and that is because many people hope to catch both Halloween and Christmas at Disneyland in November.

TIP: Halloween Decorations Come Down Halloween Night – If you hope to see Halloween decorations, be sure to be in Disneyland in October.

Holiday decorations will begin to go up on November 1st (actually, the castle starts getting “snow” in mid-October) but will not be complete until the evening before the Holidays kick-off.

Holidays at Disneyland

The Holidays do kick off in November, but traditionally, they kick off on the 2nd Friday of the month. Some years that is as early as November 8th (which happens to be my Birthday!) and some years it can be as late as November 14th. So if you want to see all of the holiday decorations, and ride the rides with a holiday overlay (“it’s a small world”) be sure to plan your Disneyland vacation for the 2nd Friday of the month or later.

Fall Dapper Days

Fall Dapper Days often take place in November. This year, the event is November 13-14, 2021 with the park day taking place November 14, 2021.

Dapper Days is a day to dress up and look Dapper for an outing to Disneyland. You can learn more about this event on the Dapper Days website.

Attractions & Entertainment at Disneyland in November

Most years, Disneyland continues their nighttime spectaculars, Fantasmic and World of Color, through the month, even if only on weekends. However, neither show has returned since Disneyland Reopened. Hopefully, we will see these shows return before November 2022.

Some attractions at the Disneyland Resort will have special overlays during November.

Plaza de la Familia continues until November 2nd in Paradise Garden Park.

This celebration of Día de Los Muertos includes the Musical Celebration of Coco, meet and greets with Miguel, and more. You can also see other decorations and meet Miguel in Frontierland as well.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

This frightfully festive overlay will continue through the Holidays at Disneyland (early January). Jack Skellington and his friends have taken over the Haunted Mansion and are showing what happens when two holidays collide.

“it’s a small world holiday”

The Merriest Cruise That Ever Set Sail launches on the date that the Holidays start at Disneyland. This ride will be closed during the first week or so of the month leading up to the Holidays as the holiday overlay is installed. This overlay will also remain through the Holidays (early January). Be aware that I have yet to see this open early, so you will again want to be sure to plan a trip for after the 2nd Friday of the month to ensure this attraction is open.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy Parade, while outdated, is a festive treat during the Holidays. Even better, this parade is included with regular park admission (opposed to Walt Disney World where the parade is reserved for the paid, evening Holiday party).

The parade travels the Disneyland Parade route between Main Street and “it’s a small world holiday” twice per day.

Believe… In Holiday Magic Fireworks

Disneyland’s Holiday firework show kicks off in November along with the Holidays. Believe…In Holiday Magic is a 15 minute show with projections, fireworks, and the magic of snow in Southern California. Shown on select nights during the holidays, this show can be viewed from many locations in the park, with the best views being across from “it’s a small world holiday” and on Main Street USA.

Disneyland in November 2021

Are you ready for all the details about Disneyland in November 2021? From dates, to park hours, ride closures to the BRAND NEW after-hours holiday party… you can find all the 2021 information below.

As a reminder, I will continue to update this article through mid-November 2021. After which, I will update it for 2022 in early Fall 2022.

November 2021 Health Guidelines

At this time, Disneyland is still requiring all guests age 2 and up, regardless of vaccination status to wear masks at all indoor locations unless actively eating or drinking. This includes closed transportation such as the busses and the Monorail.

(Yes I said Monorail… it is back my friends!)

While vaccination or a negative test are not required at this time (though LA County where Universal Studios is DOES have this mandate), Disney does inform guests that the state strongly encourages these precautions.

Holidays Begin in November 2021

The Holidays officially kick off on November 12, 2021 at Disneyland Resort (and continue through January 9, 2022). However there is a holiday party (more on that a little further down) on November 11, 2021, so I imagine this will push an early opening of “it’s a small world holiday” if not all day, at least for the party.

The Disneyland Resort will once again transform into a merry and magical place as guests return to enjoy their holiday season from Nov. 12, 2021, through Jan. 9, 2022. Mickey and Minnie will also have brand new winter outfits. (Photo Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort)

Disneyland Park Hours November 2021

When the beginning of November was released (mid-September) the park hours originally stated that Disneyland would be open 9-9… which didn’t surprise me too much as I have notes from my November 2013 trip that hours were 10-8 many nights. However, since then, it looks like Disneyland has looked to extend the park hours and will be open until 10 pm most nights the first two weeks, and stay open until midnight most nights after the Holidays kick off.

However, on nights when the Merriest Nites holiday party takes place, the park will close at 7 pm. So yes, this hours chart is a little wonky and I apologize for that, but… blame Disney.

Disneyland Park Hours November 2021 at a Glance

*– Excludes Merriest Nites Party Nights

LocationNov 1-10Nov 11-30Merriest Nites
Disneyland8 am – 10 pm8 am – 12 am*8 am – 7 pm
California Adventure8 am – 9 pm8 am – 10 pm
Downtown Disney8 am – 11 pm8 am – 1 am
Merriest Nites Party Hours8 pm – 12 am
Guests attending Disney Merriest Nites may mix-in to Disneyland park beginning at 5 pm with no park reservations required. Disney Merriest Nites is an extra ticketed event.

Disney Merriest Nites – A New Holiday Party in 2021

Well, Disneyland finally did it. They have added an after-hours holiday party which is an extra ticketed event. The event is currently sold out, but here is the information you will want to know if you are planning a visit to Disneyland in November.

What Is Disney Merriest Nites?

Disney Merriest Nites is an after-hours, ticketed event held at Disneyland Resort, celebrating Holidays around the world.

(Photo Disneyland Resort)

This event happens 5 times during the Holiday Season with the first event taking place November 11, 2021, the night before the official start of the Holiday season. I will be at the first party so be sure to follow my Instagram account or Facebook Page to see all the details in my stories.

The event has 6 themed “parties” or areas to celebrate the Holidays. The party includes a special viewing of A Christmas Fantasy Parade, snow on Main Street, treats and more. Costumes are encouraged, following the costume guidelines.

You can learn more about Disney Merriest Nites on the Disneyland website.

What To Know If You Are Attending Merriest Nites

If you are attending a Merriest Nites event, remember that you are able to mix-in to the party beginning at 5 pm. This does NOT require a Theme Park Reservation. Also remember to have your party ticket uploaded to your Disneyland App.

Remember that during the actual party, Critter Country, Mickey’s Toontown, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will not be open, so if you want to do any of the activities in these areas, you will need to do so between 5-7 pm.

Mickey’s Toontown will not be open during the party

The party goes until midnight, so be sure to plan for a late night drive if you are not staying at a nearby hotel (looking at you San Diego friends). If you need a hotel for your party visit, be sure to check out my partners at Get Away Today as they have some amazing hotel deals.

What To Know If You Are NOT Attending Merriest Nites

If you are attending Merriest Nites it is important to know that on the party nights, Disneyland will close at 7 pm to regular park guests.

Party nights are November 11, 16, 30, and December 2 and 9.

While you would be tempted to make reservations for Disney California Adventure on these dates, I actually suggest using my Disneyland Halloween Strategy and attending the park hosting the party (Disneyland). This park is an unpopular choice, for what seems like a good reason, making the wait times extremely short. Then, later you can either parkhop to California Adventure or call it an early night.

Disneyland Rides Closures In November

Disneyland Rides may be closed for various reasons. Sometimes it is planned, like for refurbishment or an overlay, and sometimes it is unplanned.

So while this list will include all listed (aka “planned”) closures, just know that you may have other rides closed during your visit.

Rides Closed at Disneyland In November

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed through November 4, 2021. Reopening November 5, 2021
  • “it’s a small world” will be closed through November 10, 2021 to receive the Holiday overlay and is set to reopen on November 11, 2021
  • Indiana Jones Adventure will close November 7 – 10, 2021 for a brief refurbishment/maintenance. It will reopen on November 11, 2021
  • Sailing Ship Columbia will remain closed through November 24, 2021 and will reopen on November 25, 2021
  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage remains closed at this time, unlisted on the park schedule, with signs saying it will return this winter

Entertainment for Disneyland in November

Here is what we know about the parades, shows and fireworks for November.

Character Calvacades are still happening at this time. This may change when the holidays kick off, but I personally hope they stick around.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade kicks off November 12, 2021 (with a showing at the November 11, 2021 Merriest Nites). Showtimes will be at 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm each day. The 5:30 showing is usually after sunset and is honestly my preferred show to watch. The parade travels between Town Square on Main Street, to “it’s a small world” holiday. It rotates which direction it is heading for each showing.

Disney ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party also kicks off November 12, 2021 in California Adventure at Paradise Gardens Park. Showtimes for dates showing as of now are 1:45, 2:45, 3:45, 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15. This is one of my favorite offerings during the holidays, and it is a must see event.

Other Holiday Shows – Throughout the month, other Holiday entertainment will be available in Paradise Gardens Park as part of the Festival of Holidays. Be sure to pick up a Festival Guide and check it out. Here are just a few of the acts you may enjoy:

  • Mostly Kosher
  • Holiday Sunset Concert Featuring Phat Cat Swinger
  • The Mistletoes
  • Holiday Toy Drummers
  • Mariachi Divas

Believe… In Holiday Magic fireworks show kicks off on select nights starting November 12, 2021. Oftentimes these shows end up being nightly during the Holidays so keep an eye on the park’s calendar.

Lighting Ceremonies

Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle has a lighting ceremony every night. At this time, we do not have the times listed on the Disneyland site.

Buena Vista Street Holiday Tree Lighting takes place each evening at 5:30 pm

TIP: View my full guide to Holidays at Disneyland

what to look forward to at Disneyland in November 2021

One thing that I kept thinking as I was researching and writing this guide is that so many of our favorites are returning. Live entertainment, parades, Festival of Holidays, and more.

It is so nice to feel a little sense of normal to return to Disneyland, even if that still means wearing masks indoors.

So that is what I think we have to look forward to at Disneyland in November. Moving closer to “normal” and getting back more of the stuff that we love!

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