Disneyland Parking Tips – How To Park For Free And More

Sometimes it is the small things you don’t think about when planning a Disneyland vacation that can throw you for a loop. Disneyland parking is something we rarely see mentioned on planning sites, but you will want to plan for it. From the cost, to how to get free parking at Disneyland, we have tips … Read more

Disneyland Ride Height Requirements

Disneyland height requirement gadget go coaster

When visiting Disneyland with kids, one of the biggest questions parents have is “what can my kid ride?” Today we are going to tackle that question and talk about Disneyland ride height requirements. From Autopia to Indiana Jones and everything in between, we will let you know exactly how tall your little one must be … Read more

Disneyland in May

If you are heading to Disneyland in May, you may be wondering what you can look forward to. We are sharing everything you can look forward to at Disneyland Resort in May, from special events, to parades and shows, and even talking about expected crowd levels. First, we will cover the annual trends, so if … Read more

How To Make Disneyland Park Reservations

Gone are the days of just showing up to Disneyland, buying a ticket, and walking into either park. Now, Disneyland Resort requires park reservations. So how do you make park reservations? How early can you make them? And what happens if you need to cancel your Disneyland reservations? Here is your complete guide. When Disneyland … Read more